Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Lesha Svik – Sterva

#2 on Russian YouTube, sadly not even #2 of today’s scores…


Ian Mathers: Oh, the title translates to “bitch”. Combined with the translation of the lyrics and the video, that’s certainly a… choice.

Iris Xie: How do you make filler offensive? This song! Even besides the title, the sentiments are banal, with the hook being “Loyal you (x3) / I know you, bitch (x3)” and “You love so much bloody mary” being a lyric. Even besides the lyrical content, “Sterva” is effectively anonymous and sounds like a GarageBand prototype for a generic house song. I like my dance music with repeated hooks as much as anyone else, but this doesn’t need to exist.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: The beat is functional, but it doesn’t really capture the seething anger that Lesha Svik’s lyrics clearly have. If I look at translated lyrics and am completely bewildered by the intended tone of a song, you’ve failed to accomplish your task.

Will Adams: I could never fully dislike a song that exists in the same forlorn, wintry trance world of Serebro’s “Proydet,” even if its vocalist has Drake levels of self-pitying acid.

Tim de Reuse: With such a skeletal instrumental, there’s gotta be something something in the melody worth hooking your attention onto; this guy is so determined to fill space that he barely breathes for a full three minutes. I struggle to remember anything from the cloud of rapid-fire minor-key meandering I just forced myself through twice.

Katherine St Asaph: It’s not like there’s a shortage of dark dance songs exactly like this to listen to instead.

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