Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Andra – Supereroi

She’s a pop singer, judge from Românii au talent, and the voice of Smurfette in Romania, but what do we think?


Stephen Eisermann: This one’s tough: I feel like a song with a central metaphor about superheroes should be more of an event, but the production on this track is middling at best. Andra’s booming vocal takes center stage and while she certainly has the range and vocal strength, the production is too timid and quiet to make much of a statement. Like a superhero movie without stakes, this song just kind of plays and ends, no excitement, no drive, just Andra’s solid effort.

Scott Mildenhall: An aficionado may help here, but just how many superheroes are actually known for their contented love lives? It’s not that Andra hasn’t had the time to think that through, because it occasionally seems to stand still as she sprawls out in show-stopping sadness. The whole song lies so flat, with chorus barely distinguishing itself from verse, that it surely must be an extended metaphor for stealth. If not, at least the very mannered sadness and rhythmic glassiness indicates a Romanian pop scene that’s as subtly singular as it has been for a long time.

Katherine St Asaph: A vise of a beat containing a song that wants so much, from melody to delivery, to be a big puffy Eurovision ballad.

Iris Xie: An old school female power ballad with some unusual updates for its instrumentals — is that an extremely mild reggaeton beat in the back? It adds some drama to the churn of Andra’s impassioned vocals, resulting in an effect that may have you sway a bit to this bombastic song.

Nortey Dowuona: A glittering, soft bass line follows Andra’s lovelorn voice as she is enveloped in wet, swamped synths and flat, ruffled drums.

Alfred Soto: Andra sings every bar, and this is the problem: the track doesn’t breathe. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: That vocal sample hints that more is going to happen with “Supereroi,” but this is really just an unenthusiastic beat and overworked vocalizing. Too much confidence is placed in Andra’s input that the surrounding instrumentation is left to flounder. The briefly included strings are chintzy, but at least they’re something.

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