Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

T-Pain ft. Tory Lanez – Getcha Roll On

And on. And on.


Stephen Eisermann: After my first listen, I wasn’t sure if maybe T-Pain’s music just didn’t age well with me, but I was wrong. “Buy U A Drank” is still a classic, which means that it isn’t T-Pain’s music as a whole that didn’t age well, but instead it’s T-Pain trend-chasing that makes this song bad. You can almost here a banger under the unnecessarily busy and loud production, but as it stands, I’ll stick to the old stuff.

Iris Xie: T-Pain is so lucky he wrote “Buy U A Drank,” but this is still a watery permutation of the same concept, and updating it with UberX references and better production doesn’t make this a stronger case. I always consider him sound-wise as to be firmly associated with my middle school years. T-Pain, like many other trending hitmakers of previous eras, has to struggle through the difficult transition between still sounding like himself, while also making the updates necessary to stay current. But MySpace has been dead for a really long time and even lost the entire database, so those same carefree days of trolling malls for the new Hot Topic stores seem far away too. I wonder how people who didn’t grow up with T-Pain feel about listening to this song, because it’s not even a call-back, it’s a continuation of an era that is quickly turning to dust.

Jonathan Bradley: The whole world sings like T-Pain now, which means that T-Pain himself sounds strange and, ironically, amelodic: his Auto-Tuned voice is thick and agglutinated, not, in the fashion of his successors, vaporous or ductile. That physicality is how he wrenches joy from his syllables, and, here, he makes “riiiiiiide that dick” sound beatific. (Not necessarily for him and not necessarily for his partner; T-Pain imbues his high notes with the platonic sense that a beautiful experience is being had.) It makes you wonder why he’s gotta be so mean — making out like he’s going to send someone away from the party in an UberX when we’re all just trying to have a fun time. Maybe he’s fretting about the hook: it’s the sort of chorus that does the job — cheery, tightly phrased, eminently repeatable — without offering any reason to hum it, or even to want to hear it a second time.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: The sheer gusto T-Pain brings to every line of this almost get it over the hump of moderately charming trap-n-b in a saturated market, but the generic production and Tory Lanez’s deep Tory Lanezitude prevent “Getcha Roll On” from being much of anything at all.

Alfred Soto: There’s no reason why T-Pain couldn’t go trap, but despite a couple interesting stresses and vowel stretchings this is loud and thin. 

Jibril Yassin: T-Pain is so frustrating; the critical reassessment of his early work has resulted in people finally giving him the respect he’s due again and again yet he just can’t seem to seize the moment when prompted. Here T-Pain is sunk by production that recalls the worst of early 2010s-era Pitbull, unable to sink his teeth in and find a suitable pocket to inject energy into. Taking a Big Tymers flow is an inspiring move and T-Pain’s still capable of conjuring thrills in his dual role here as a rapper-turned-singer, so how is it both he AND Tory Lanez can’t save this?

Katherine St Asaph: Granted a couple-month career extension thanks to his Masked Singer win, T-Pain returns with a sample that would have ruled in the mid-2000s, and a verse by himself, which… also would have ruled in the mid-2000s. Extra point, though, for the perverse stubbornness of refusing to capitalize on the show by releasing another earnest Sam Smith cover.

Ramzi Awn: “Getcha Roll On” puts on a good show, and both T-Pain and Tory Lanez do a fine job dancing to the beat. But you can almost taste the desperation behind the spit. In the end, the single’s too cheesy for its own good, and the lyrics don’t help. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Something’s definitely off if Tory Lanez’s unimaginative (over)use of Auto-Tune is more palatable than yours. I like the amount of syllables that T-Pain packs into the the titular line, but this is mostly inert, despite incessant nagging that it isn’t. Little is as off-putting as a party song that’s a buzzkill.

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  1. kind of surprised I’m the only one who mentioned the masked singer