Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

King Calaway – World For Two

At the top of 2018, then-BMG president Zach Katz called up CMA Awards producer Robert Deaton and asked, “What’s missing in music?” His answer? “A band that’s old school meets new school.”…


Will Adams: Starts out bland and pleasant enough, something like “Put Your Records On” as sung by doe-eyed stock photo model boys. But then the piano rolls in, some more drums, and we’re transported to a Margaritaville hellscape.

Alfred Soto: To parse the lyrics, which are of course emphasized, is futile. I will note the way the melody lilts in the direction of Uncle Kracker’s “Follow Me.” 

Katie Gill: The most interesting thing about this song is that I spent a solid five minutes trying to piece out what song it reminded me of before I screamed “Uncle Kracker!” and scared the cat. Which I guess is a compliment? “Follow Me” has at least stood the test of time, which is more than I can say for King Calaway’s eventual fate. But I doubt that country music’s hottest, most adorable blatantly manufactured boy band wants to be linked to a soft rock song off The Blind Side soundtrack.

Thomas Inskeep: This phony bullshit sounds like Uncle Kracker, but Rascal Flatts became country superstars, so there’s hope for these assholes, too.

Katherine St Asaph: Despite getting the flu shot last fall, I nevertheless came down with the flu during MoPOP’s annual Pop Conference. I missed basically the whole thing, including the panel “Most People Are Good: Country Music and the Death of Civility.” But I imagine listening to “World for Two,” particularly its opening lines, would simulate some small part of the experience. Being a “manufactured” boy band (as opposed to the more organic manufacturing of the fraternity/pageant circuit) King Calaway are being criticized by the usual folks for being “not country,” but what could be more country than the “aw, dingity-darn this world these days, so much hurting and hating and news, why not choose love and choose sleeping with me” intro? Where else do you find that? (Besides Janelle Monae’s “Screwed,” a better song.) If “World for Two” is pop, it’s the “Breakaway”/”Follow Me” style of pop that has coexisted fine and blandly with country for ages. Anyway, I imagine I’d have heard something like that, if not for having the flu. But judging by some of these vocals, I may not be the only one who’s got it.

Alex Clifton: Lord, it’s a whole band of Ed Sheerans that harmonize with one another. I would like this world for two built very far away from me, please.

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  1. lmao alex, your blurb truly describes this song (which i’ve not heard) as a nightmare that i want absolutely no part in.

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