Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Jax Jones & Martin Solveig Present Europa ft. Madison Beer – All Day and Night

iiO was already taken, and neither Ganymede nor Callisto rolled off the tongue as well, so:


Ashley Bardhan: For some reason, the more names there are featured on a track, the more I hope I’ll hate it. Maybe I just hate when people have fun in groups. Like, I hate scavenger hunts. But I don’t hate this song, unfortunately! It sparkles with hi-hats and hyperactive keyboard hooks characteristic of most EDM-adjacent club music. Madison Beer’s vocal delivery makes “All Day and Night” sound like a Dua Lipa deep cut, which is to say she sounds like most chart-topping white pop stars who cite an R&B influence (all of them). The nucleus of the lyrics lie in the chorus, “All day and night, you keep me up / Non-stop, I’m so done, yeah.” There’s nothing innovative or exciting happening literally at all. Literally. At all. I’m irritated by how boring this song is and that I still don’t hate it. But it sounds fun to dance to, and that’s probably all it’s meant to be. Sometimes, I think I need to just let something be. 

Alfred Soto: Like a prominently mixed Dua Lipa, Madison Beer gets front and center despite not contributing much besides emphatic blankness. Europa’s festival-seasoned keyboard breaks and percussive tracks know whereof they speak.

Iain Mew: The punchier Eurobeat underpinning this is a pleasant surprise to hear in 2019, and works pretty well with the compressed EDM piston synth sound. It’s undercut by the vocal and writing being just a ratcheted down version of previous Jax Jones collaborations though. Madison Beer brought more to promoting the work of morally bankrupt video game companies.

Will Adams: This is otherwise a carbon copy of “Breathe,” so thank goodness for Martin Solveig. His presence, namely the deployment of the peppy trance synths of “Encore Une Fois,” saves Jax Jones from formula.

Thomas Inskeep: I generally like Jones, am ambivalent on Solveig, and find Beer a worthless vocalist (think a less-interesting Bebe Rexha. Yeah, I know.). Nothing about “All Day and Night” changes my mind on any of these opinions, though I do like how Solveig’s trance stabs overwhelm the proceedings.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Actually impressive how those snappy synth stabs have considerably more personality than anything else here.

Scott Mildenhall: Europa isn’t only a fitting name for this project’s cross-Channel combo, but also how it conjures the heady internationalism of Sash!. With a few tweaks, you could reduce this to a few spoken words in a Latinate language of your choice. Toute la journée! Toute la nuit! On the other hand, you could actually give your vocalist something to do, and faced with that Madison Beer rises to the occasion. Everyone here seems to have played a part in ensuring her multiple layers of anguish interplay with each other enchantingly, as well as that most blunt force of aural centrepieces. In varietate concordia.

Ashley John: “All Day and Night” is a hodgepodge of sounds that are fine on their own — the clinky bump a of ’10s EDM beat and the hypnotizing droll of Madison Beer’s voice — and together are really nothing more than the sum of their parts. A collaboration of artists across continents provides nothing new or eclectic, but rather a gradient on existing shades of gray.

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