Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Steel Banglez ft. AJ Tracey and MoStack – Fashion Week

Only a couple of months off being timely scheduling!


Thomas Inskeep: UK hip hop that’s smooth as silk but still has a bite, just like I like it. The subtle Afrobeat makes my hips sway just so, and all three rappers have voices that contrast and stand out from one another. There’s also an unexpected little instrumental bridge that tickles my brain, and I love the way Banglez says “Yves St. Laurent.”

Scott Mildenhall: A light-footed production from Steel Banglez and a similarly nimble performance from Tracey, traversing route one of the conceptual highway system with a keen if not forensic eye for hook development. MoStack may have been better staying at home, though.

Ryo Miyauchi: While MoStack dodges bullets, AJ Tracey ducks being shot by his girl’s phone camera. The former tests street realness, and the latter questions being Instagram official. Mo’s black humor ends up cutting through Steel Banglez’s lulling yet slightly anxious beat sharper than AJ’s verse, but the different generations of paranoia throughout “Fashion Week” set each name apart from the other.

Katherine St Asaph: Not a bad outro, but one you’ve got to slog through drudgery and contempt to get to.

Ian Mathers: “I only trust girls on days that don’t end with a Y”? “and I hate makeup, that’s your choice though / rest assured, you can’t get up in this Royce though”? Couldn’t be me.

Jibril Yassin: “Cause we all came up out the mud like it’s Glastonbury” is the kind of flex that only works because it’s AJ Tracey saying it. Likewise, “Fashion Week” works in part because Steel Banglez selected the right people to make use of his trop bounce but wisely keeps from piling on more production elements. Between the muted tones and percussion, “Fashion Week” is flashy without looking like it’s trying too hard. 

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