Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Dominic Fike – 3 Nights

[3] indeed…


Alfred Soto: After comparing the Southwest Florida native to 311, the Chili Peppers, and Magic!, Carrie Battan calls Dominic Fike a “conceptual slam dunk, a triumph of branding and stylistic needle-threading.” The line also functions as criticism. So insistent on its mild offensiveness, “3 Nights” isn’t “about” anything other than itself, a discovery borne as much from, yes, geography. The thick damp heat of Naples in August is the great equalizer. Driving north on I-75, Post Malone and Magic! sound equally sturdy.

Katherine St Asaph: I am already dreading the summer inevitably being filled with this lite, breezy, oppressively chill reggae. Don’t you know I’m human too?

Scott Mildenhall: New theory: there’s a cohort of people whose first trip to the cinema was for Curious George and whom will have a lifelong, subconscious predilection for Jack Johnson. Moreover, many of them will currently be fans of Twenty One Pilots, if only by dint of demographics, and crucially, Dominic Fike knows this. It could work out for him, because the connections are deep. Like Johnson’s surfboard, Fike’s determined urbanity seems primed to evoke a vivid but equally imaginary geography in listeners who haven’t even been to Newquay, let alone New Smyrna.

Alex Clifton: I feel bad for every Kohl’s employee who’s going to hear this in the background for the next five years.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: It’s admirable that Dominic Fike can passably play every boy-band archetype in under three minutes, but mostly it just makes me feel tired.

Tim de Reuse: The chorus is a little gem that never wears out its welcome; the crisp production helps, but the earworm-ness of the first line’s vocal melody really seals it. The verses are comparatively unstructured, like they were written and then set to the beat on the fly. That’s the only explanation I can think of for why Fike would ditch the smooth delivery that serves the rest of the track so well in favor of a bizarre, twisting stutter on the second verse — it sounds like an attempt at emotional emphasis clashing with a desire to not wake someone sleeping in an adjacent room.

Jonathan Bradley: It would take a lot for Dominic Fike to come back from the little mouth-guitar riff he uses to kick off this song, and Post Malone going through a Sublime phase isn’t what I had in mind.

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  1. I went back and forth on reviewing this (and suspect I would have given it a 7 after just a couple of listens), but the thing stuck in my craw is that “city of palms” isn’t just a turn of phrase for Floridians, who likely hear that and think of a) the City of Palms basketball tournament in Fort Myers or b) Fort Myers itself being the City of Palms. But Fike — who is from Naples, which is not NOT the Beverly Hills of Southwest Florida, and thus should know better — seems to imply that “the City of Palms” is Miami, even saying “in MIA for” at the end of the second verse. And, apart from the fudging of geographic details: I think the song and its feeling work better located in the relatively sleepy Fort Myers than in Miami! Anyway, I will probably think far less of this after it works its way onto radio and I have heard both the very good hook and the very ungood second verse 100 times.

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