Thursday, May 9th, 2019

SG Lewis & Clairo – Throwaway

Somehow we’ve covered SG Lewis before and not Clairo…


Will Adams: SG Lewis and Clairo’s previous collab didn’t aim much higher than your standard Majestic Casual mood music, so it’s refreshing to hear they’ve done better on “Throwaway.” Girded by a butterfly of an arpeggio and those familiar woozy synths, Clairo evokes the same quietly vocoded melancholia of Bridgit Mendler’s underrated “Atlantis.”

Ashley Bardhan: Am I supposed to care about music like this? Not that I don’t like it, but am I supposed to care? It’s a chill hip hop beat with some chill Clairo vocals. Songs like this challenge pop music conventions so little that I think the existence of “Throwaway” alone brought Paul Williams’ big-time music executive character out from the movie Phantom of the Paradise and into the real world, and now he just killed a raccoon in my driveway because he’s a Phil Spector caricature and he’s evil. Phantom of the Paradise is a good movie. 

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: This is so glassy and blank that I keep thinking that there must be some hidden depths that Clairo is concealing here. But the more I try to read into it, the more “Throwaway” rebuffs me, almost defiant in its lack of inner depths.

Katherine St Asaph: Listening to “Throwaway” you’d never know Clairo was the subject of previous Discourse, although that’s mostly because this vocal’s too serviceably generic to be the subject of anything. On its own merits, though, the track’s perfectly pleasant indie-synthpop that veers toward the Postal Service without also veering toward Owl City.

Tim de Reuse: The arpeggio, with a little bassy click at every onset; the snare, with its cute little porcelain snap; the keys that carry the main chord progression, with their low-mids so appealingly indistinct. In its immaculate production, this tune points towards a new and exciting era of sounding lo-fi in an incredibly expensive way. It’s a bit too sparse and too simple to accomplish much beyond that.

Tobi Tella: An electronic yet intimate vocal performance, but it’s wasted on boring production and generic lyrics.

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