Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Sofi Tukker – Fantasy

Do you want to hear more Sufi Tukker? (yas) What is the reception of this song? (okay)


David Moore: Not sure why the visual vibe is going for Toy-Box since this is on the polar opposite of the millennial electropop spectrum, but early 2001 it is, and she nails it — smooth, earnest, dumb, perfect.

Tobi Tella: “Best Friend” was one of my favorite weirdo pop songs of last year, so this duo going with something a little more conventional makes me kinda sad. It’s still not normal pop radio fare, with a melodramatic spoken word intro and a europop vibe, but for all the posturing of being alternative, it blends in seamlessly with the generic.

Alfred Soto: The duo have excelled at lightly kinetic dance track with Europop sensibilities, or maybe this is a fancy way of explaining how the generic “haunting” vocal works. 

Katherine St Asaph: I was a little harsh on Sofi Tukker the last time around, I think; “Fantasy” is nostalgic for a number of songs untouched by The Algorithms (in the popular-press sense, i.e., synonymous with The Normies). Specifically, I hear Kara DioGuardi in Platinum Weird, and the plaintive, fluting vocal is very Sara Lumholdt in A*Teens. There’s more conventional stuff here as well: sad Eurodance, and the Poppy/Maty Noyes set of pop that’s sorta-subversive, the kind that suspends in breathy pop air lyrics like “I’ve never seen someone like you, the one I made you into” or “don’t come to life, don’t come alive.” But crucially, “Fantasy” doesn’t break character or spoil the trance kayfabe. It’s all yearning, no wink.

Will Adams: With each year following the decline of EDM’s rule, I’ve been holding the (perhaps naïve) hope that eventually we’ll reach a place where we’re not holding trance at arm’s length. Sofi Tukker seem primed to do just that, seeing as they exist more in the realm of flash-in-the-pan ’00s Euro duos like DJ Encore & Engelina or even Toy-Box. “Fantasy” lacks the Brazilian influence that made their debut Treehouse so unique, but in return is a wistful trance-pop gem that finds power in its lightness.

Stephen Eisermann: The beat is a little too Yamaha preset and the vocal production sounds a bit too Soundcloud for me to really take this seriously. The pre-chorus is nice, though, so I guess more of that next time and less of… everything else. 

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5 Responses to “Sofi Tukker – Fantasy”

  1. Yessss to multiple Toy-Box references!

  2. Haha was definitely convinced this was actually Euro/Scandinavian and that Sofi Tukker was the name of the singer. Sorry, Tucker! Is the Toy-Box posturing supposed to be ironic? This song seems fairly reverent to the, er, referents.

  3. Also, the green screen work in that video is WAY too competent for the era.

  4. I think they generally just have that kind of energy! Especially when Tucker contributes vocals – it’s definitely along the lines of your goofy male counterpart like in Toy-Box or Aqua or Vengaboys. The “Fantasy” video is the most visually evocative of that aesthetic they’ve been for me.

    Speaking of Toy-Box, the “Best Friend” video is a serious trip. Would this have also looked this terrible in 1999?

  5. their new video has even more Toy Box energy