Monday, May 13th, 2019

Offset ft. Cardi B – Clout

Their Klout scores were better


Alfred Soto: Your assignment: write a song called “Clout.” Andy Warhol gave the young Lou Reed these assignments: write a song called “Vicious,” etc. The hypnotic, multivalent patterns of Migos’ repetitions dissolve under Offset and Cardi’s commitment to staccato doggerel that never leaves the zone of private argot. Migos at their best translated private argot. 

Stephen Eisermann: The beat is hot, even if Offset’s delivery is restrained, but the song works pretty well. It’s unfortunate, then, that this is basically a song where Cardi tries to convince herself that Offset isn’t a cheater, despite what we know. She sounds great telling us to fuck off, I just wish she was telling him to fuck off instead.

Julian Axelrod: If Offset and Cardi are following the Jay and Bey template — public infatuation dogged by infidelity rumors before a triumphant reunion — this is their EVERYTHING IS LOVE: a thin, self-satisfied brand extension that overestimates the inspirational power of two billionaires keeping their assets merged. Cardi walks a thin line between justified venting and #fakenews bluster, but at least she sticks to the theme. That’s more than can be said of Offset, whose fridge magnet approach leads him to brag about stealing your girl on a song with his wife. The cascading piano line, soothing and eerie in equal measure, lends more dramatic tension than either half of the happy couple.

Thomas Inskeep: This is the Offset I fell in love with back on “Bad and Boujee,” rapping his lines in a low-key kinda register while he backs himself up with other utterances. The piano riff matches his delivery here perfectly, and the Bonnie to his Clyde, Cardi B, spits a fiery verse in support. I wouldn’t say this is great, but it’s pretty damned good.

Ryo Miyauchi: It’s all a long-winded set-up for Cardi’s verse, and thank goodness she shows up. Not only does she outrun Offset with ferocious energy, she gives us the decency to simply do her homework and write to the topic. Offset’s too busy chasing one rhyme after the other to the point he deviates from the plot entirely, and his lack of focus turns his chorus more hollow each time he repeats it.

Nortey Dowuona: Distorted, chastised synths whistle around while dull, flat drums slide underneath as Offset and Cardi ride them with no passion or even any interest. (Plus, “Conquer” by Ajaeze Onu came on as an ad and was a far more vibrant, passionate song.)

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