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Twice – Fancy

Second things twice, they’re the realest…


Jessica Doyle: ABSTRACT. This review tests the Grand Unified Theory of Twice’s Emotional Constipation (Cavaseno, 2017, 2018) against the addition of new variables, namely Chaeyoung sounding like she doesn’t care what love is, she’s just giddy (and how lovely it is to ride this wave even if it means a certain new vulnerability). Several variables are held constant: group shouting; Mina sounding wistful; Tzuyu sounding blank; Dahyun rapping as if she’s getting away with something; Nayeon and Jihyo being asked to go too high for the chorus. The intervention of manipulating Sana’s voice until it resembles that of a Bollywood playback singer is too brief to affect the results. We find that, despite the electro-pop touches that were absent from previous songs, “Fancy” fails to disprove the theory; there is enough ambiguity introduced, in Dahyun’s blerped “What?” and the speeding up of the second verse, to suggest that Twice is not totally sold (cash-register sounds aside) on the giddiness represented by Chaeyoung. CONCLUSION: It’s quite enjoyable.

Katie Gill: Considering that Twice’s usual sound is bubblegum as hell, this attempt at a more mature sound is a little unexpected. Granted, I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying this song, even if a more cynical part of me wonders if the popularity of certain other girl groups is what’s leading to the change in sound. And it’s… okay? Look, it’s fairly middle of the road, a decent song that seems less “big hot lead single” and more “eh, it’ll work.” It’ll get a couple million views, probably chart higher than “Dance the Night Away” but still pale in comparison to “Knock Knock.” It’s okay. But man, do I wish this was a little more peppy.

Ryo Miyauchi: Twice adeptly riding a hip-hop club beat as well as their confidence making upfront advances suggest the group may be outgrowing the pre-teen fixations of the past. That said, this is still a song with the central confession being “I fancy you,” echoing less as euphemism than a simple lack of vocabulary for anything more, and the nine hurl it in the chorus as if they laid their emotions bare for the first time. The difference from this new Twice is they ease up on their worries despite still holding reservations: “who cares if who likes first” is a lyric that fits no single before this one.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: A clever sleight of hand, really. With Twice presenting a more Adult image on their newest single — titled “Fancy,” just to make things super obvious — listeners are led to believe the girl group is finally escaping their juvenile past. The music is proof that they’re not: this is filled with the same bubblegum hooks and vibrant tempo shifts that defined their best singles. And yet, it’s the very usage of that titular word that proves that… maybe they are evolving? They’re not calling themselves fancy, but instead stating that they fancy someone else. It’s that directness, that simple courage to tell someone you love them, that can be the biggest indicator that you’re not a child anymore.

Alfred Soto: The high synth line and the rhythm guitar conjure Kylie-pop and freestyle simultaneously, and the interplay of the women’s voices coheres into a listening experience that keeps doubling back on itself.

Iris Xie: I’m a bit tired of how Twice is in-between talk-singing and cutesy-rapping for most of their vocal performances and wish for a different sound, but this takes it to a new level. The intro is extremely promising, with a synth glide that sounds ready for girl group poses, but then the vocals come in and quickly muffles the sharpness of the instrumentals, it results in a messy production that is rounded off unpleasantly. This results in a pretty mediocre hook that relies on being accented by the wind-up snare drum, which was better done in I*ZONE’s “Violeta.” I don’t mind songs that are entirely dependent on hooks if they are folded into different song arrangements and played around a bit, but “FANCY! Ooo-oo-Oooh” is a pretty strained and bland one. Also, someone on YouTube pointed out that “Fancy” sounds like the Geometry Dash BGM and I can’t unhear it.

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