Monday, May 13th, 2019

DJ Snake & Sheck Wes ft. Offset, 21 Savage, & Gucci Mane – Enzo

It’s going to be a tight fit if we need to get everyone into the car…


Julian Axelrod: DJ Snake and Sheck Wes deliver exactly what the phrase “DJ Snake & Sheck Wes” promises, albeit more subdued than their previous output. But the guests sneak in flashes of weirdness where they can: Offset casually asking if you’ve seen The Purge like an acquaintance at the water cooler; 21 saying “I don’t got a whole lotta friends” like he’s flexing at therapy; Gucci pitching a Baby Driver remake with Snake replacing Ansel Elgort. In fact, the weirdest part of the track might be three A-list rappers giving daps to the “Turn Down for What” guy on a beat that makes perfect sense for everyone involved.

Ryo Miyauchi: With Sheck Wes hired to solely yell a string of car names, “Enzo” is straightforward as it gets. The best verse, then, goes to 21 Savage, who’s at least trying to be funny, even if his ever-detached voice may suggest otherwise. The others, including DJ Snake and his lulling trap beat, coast on cruise control, checking off boxes marked “foreign cars” and “extravagant spending habits.”

Katherine St Asaph: At one point DJ Snake was fun. Also, I guess everyone forgot about this?

David Moore: This seems oddly overstuffed for such a threadbare backdrop: not really what I expect from DJ Snake. Each contributor goes harder over an annoying three-note keyboard noodle than they probably need to, but each feature progressively loses steam until Gucci limps across the finish line and the whole track eventually collapses with an unconvincing explosion.

Ian Mathers: I find those foreboding, grainy, sustained synth notes that makes up the non-percussive spine of the production totally compelling, and while I’m normally lukewarm on 21 Savage, he fits in well here and the other three do the stuff that makes them consistently magnetic. Honestly I’d even have been fine with this as a Sheck Wes solo, no offense to the others; all that yelling doesn’t seem like it’d go with this music, but it totally does.

Jonathan Bradley: DJ Snake’s beat streaks through the expanse like a flying saucer caught in a long exposure shot: it irradiates the track in an eerie yet totalizing fashion. Offset and 21 Savage are busy rappers, and their scurrying words turn to ash in the glare. Gucci Mane is better suited, but like his brethren, he’s not doing any more here than he needs to; apart from a couple contemporary names, this verse could have been recorded ten years ago and come out no different. I’m eternally a fan of gathering a bunch of hot rappers together and letting them do their thing on an expensive beat, but nothing about “Enzo” surprises the way the best posse cuts can.

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