Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Lewis Capaldi – Hold Me While You Wait

Come write for us, Lewis!


Katherine St Asaph: Lewis Capaldi’s upcoming album is called Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. Clearly he has a future in criticism!

Alfred Soto: Demanding she wait while he runs into the studio to record this wet fart is Franco-level authoritarianism. 

Iain Mew: Signs of being detached from UK pop music: between episodes of Biggleton the other day I listened to an unofficial chart show on Hits Radio and found myself greeting successive new songs with ‘this is essentially “One Kiss”‘ and ‘this is basically “Shape of You”‘. Which isn’t a new way for me to process, but it doesn’t seem right to be naming the two best-selling songs of the previous two years. In that context I’m at least glad that “Hold Me While You Wait” does something different from Lewis Capaldi’s previous megahit, “Literally Someone Like You” and has no single identifiable source. Even if that’s mostly because it has no identifiable anything much beyond an exhibition of Capaldi’s strained gulping.

Scott Mildenhall: Lewis Capaldi’s competition winner persona is pretty endearing, as heavily backed popstars’ public images go, but it would be good if it didn’t extend to his actual musical output. The capaciousness of his voice simply does not make up for a power ballad without a chorus. OK, it seemingly did similar for “Someone You Loved”, and with that said, fair enough. Most important is that this and the rest of his album are just in time for Love Island season. And then X Factor season. And then the Christmas season. Hopefully he enjoys his year.

Iris Xie: This is a very good song for those who are currently in the throes of completely miserable relationships and needing music to accompany their wailing and gnashing their teeth at the unjustness of it all, but are also tired of listening to Adele. That precision also makes it a fairly unbearable and draining listen for anyone not in that current situation. While maxed to the hilt in its accessible misery and chest-clutching despair, “Hold Me While You Wait” is curiously average and direct in a way that inspires me to want to open up a Hallmark Card store centered around breakups and bad decisions, especially with lyrics like: “If you’re gonna waste my time / Let’s waste it right.” The bridge starting with “This is you, this is me, this is all we need” would make a great cut for an end of season finale of a Shondaland drama, when you know that Shonda Rhimes decided to kill off another character due to being disgruntled with the actor, but you are supposed to ignore the metanarrative and feel “sad” for the tragic end of their character arc, when the blurred layers between celebrity gossip and in-universe narrative is the entire reason why you stick around and watch the montage anyway. By the end of the song, Capaldi is a wrung-out linty towel and the only response is “oof.”

Joshua Copperman: As of this writing, I just finished my review of I Am Easy To Find, the National’s most frustratingly ballad-y album. This initially sounds like a song cut from the record, Capaldi doing his best Matt Berninger, and I was prepared to defend it even if I knew it was bad. But then it pivots to the kind of song where “this is you/this is me/this is all we need” gets a breakdown all to itself. Even Mr. “I’m still standing in the same place/Where you left me standing” would show restraint. 

Will Adams: I can’t stop imagining what this could have sounded like if it were actually based on the maybe-embellished story about Lewis Capaldi asking his girlfriend for one more cuddle after she tells him that she “fucking hates” him. Unless it already was, and it’s the damp arrangement that’s meant to convey the pathetic situation.

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  1. I thought Katherine was joking about that album title.


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