Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Odunsi (The Engine) ft. Raye – Tipsy

Here comes the [4] to the [5] to the [6]…


Nortey Dowuona: Plush, warm piano chords sweep the slim, humming bass sliding underneath the aqua synths and clicking drums as the sharp, authoritative strings race up and down the track while Raye coolly and authoritatively lays out her terms in full confidence and Odunsi pleads for a chance in the whiniest, wispiest voice he can muster.

Katherine St Asaph: The gorgeous noir swoon after the first few seconds disappears, an Anti-ish simmer in its place. But for once, that doesn’t feel like a bait-and-switch, but a constant tension in the distance. The sort of track made to insinuate itself into nights and memories.

Iris Xie: Often, duets and songs with features disappoint me for they usually lack inventiveness, playfulness, and chemistry between their collaborators — thankfully, there is no such staid distance in “Tipsy.” Odunsi is framed by a sparkly mix of shakers and strings, and moves with an understated charisma which matches the infectious earworm, “Tipsy / I’m the only one that you want when you caught vibration / You better get ready, better get ready.” It’s a rather succinct and poetic way of phrasing the promising sensation of a carefree connection. This all provides a remarkable setup for Raye, who comes in with a compelling, confident verse that pulls the song towards her center of gravity, while cooing lyrics like “You won’t let me go ’cause you gon’ miss me with him,” which transforms the beat to match her atmosphere. This is reinforced by the different ways that they play with their vocal harmonies, layers, and contrasts as the hook is reiterated, resulting in a listening experience that only gets more interesting on repeat. 

David Moore: I need more “Raye ft.” and less “ft. Raye” in my life. 

Tim de Reuse: Very occasionally, when Odunsi and Raye are harmonizing or the strings crawl out from the basement of the mix, you get a glimpse of a song with higher ambitions than languishing on the back half of a thousand lonely “chill-out” Spotify playlists.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: It has a good woozy feel, its beat removing the snare periodically to capture a delicate balance between steamy dancing and lightly intoxicated stumbling. Structurally, having Odunsi and Raye switch off extended verses before trading lines mirrors the low-heat simmer of their flirting. The gradual reveal of how complementary their vocals are — Odunsi with his hazy AutoTune, Raye with her silky delivery — closes the song on an enticing note, their vocals the weft and warp of an effervescent tangle. It’ll all only last for a night, but “Tipsy” knows to make mild inebriation feel like the ideal state.

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