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Jessica Doyle: You know what? I have no complaints. I mean, about the song, yes: LE’s rap doesn’t have the force it needs, Hani seems to be killing time, and I wish there had been a way to reduce the time spent on drops and bring Junghwa’s energy in earlier. But they seem to be relatively content in each other’s company; their biggest current health problem, collectively, is LE’s ankle; they have finger-guns at the ready. Do they deserve better than to have to apologize for the right to seek better contracts for themselves? Of course they deserve better. But right now I’m just glad they haven’t received worse (that we know of).

Iris Xie: “Oh, the new Dua Lipa song!” is my initial reaction to this. It definitely sounds like “New Rules” to me, but it trades the darkness for being oddly familiar and soothing, due to how it builds upon K-pop’s never-ending appetite for tropical house sounds. The surprise of “ME&YOU” is that the usual harshness of both Hyelin and Solji’s overlapping vocals is nowhere to be found: they’re both mixed with a pleasing, velvety softness, and the instrumentals fall away to a small string section that recalls their earlier single “Every Night.” This small arrangement makes me a little disappointed that they’re most likely disbanding, since I’d wished for more sonic variance other than the grating nature of their vocals for the rest of their songs. But, why does the final verse of “ME&YOU” sound identical to BLACKPINK’s final verse in “Forever Young?” Is this plagiarism or am I missing some final-verse girl group trope? Overall, I never particularly felt like EXID lived up to their potential or interest during all of their singles, but this send-off is a perfectly reliable, fair addition to the K-Pop canon.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: I suppose fans are lucky that EXID even survived this long, given the group only lasted because of the popularity of a pervy fancam. “ME&YOU” is a grim song because it’s a final attempt at relevancy, as made obvious by how this typical (and rather impressively sequenced) EXID song is regrettably centered around a drop that wants to get some of that Blackpink money. I’m reminded of 4Minute’s “Hate”; so many girl groups deserve better than to leave with something so terribly dated.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Perfectly acceptable pop song with a 2015 DJ Snake leftover drop grafted on it, in a move so inexplicable that it calls into question the bits that worked in the first place.

Alfred Soto: I go to EXID for effervescence, and the first third meets the requirement before the arrangement succumbs to every pneumatic trend.

Anjy Ou: A vaguely samba-esque intro turns into a blaring mess of a club track that makes me want to leave the dancefloor instead of get on it. The falsetto “mee and youu” over the bass and horns is lovely though — I wish they had played with that more instead of leaving me to languish in this post-“Kill This Love” hellscape. I promise if they let this trend die by the end of the summer I will stop shading all the OG K-pop producers on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “EXID – ME&YOU”

  1. Make sure to listen to the mini, the other 4 tracks are some of the best music to be released this year :(

  2. The funny thing is, at the time the “Hate” drop wasn’t so much dated as insufficiently integrated into the song; before the release it was seen as a good sign that 4Minute, which didn’t have a good route to the kind of international fame that BP and Red Velvet are starting to collect now, was getting a Skillrex contribution.

    (Also at the time, when Jihyun said that the group would disband if “Hate” wasn’t a hit, it wasn’t clear she wasn’t joking.)

  3. I would agree that Hate’s drop is poorly integrated and it’s what made it far worse than it being dated (especially since dated drops from other groups can sometimes sound good), but I do distinctly remember hearing “Hate” and wondering why the song didn’t sound like “Where Are U Now.” I’m sure my thinking was colored by how much that song was well received in non-pop-centric circles (e.g. FACT, RA, Pitchfork) and me thinking it had universal appeal.

    I was always kind of against international collaboration in that way up until BTS/Blackpink, mainly because the songs we received up until then were egregious. “Hate” wasn’t quite “Dirty Vibe” bad, but when Taeyeon’s “Why” dropped and KARD ended up getting a cult following in the West the following year, I did wonder what could’ve happened if 4Minute released a different type of song. Who knows.

    I actually didn’t realize people were speculating that Jihyun was joking! I just took it at face value because I tend to think the worst of the industry lol. Woo!

  4. I wish “How You’ Doin” was the title track, arguably one of the best songs of 2019 and a highlight in EXID’s discography. It would work so much better than the forgettable “Me & You”.

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