Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Versatile – Prefontaine

How do we feel about Irish comedy rap?


Ian Mathers: On every conceivable level: Fuck off.

Katherine St Asaph: I am going to Ireland for a conference next month and my three basic requests for the trip are that I don’t miss my flight, that my flight doesn’t explode, and that I don’t ever hear this. (n.b.: “Horse Outside” is still a [10].)

Scott Mildenhall: So much inventiveness — using pedestrian crossing sounds as a beat, fair play — and yet such pitiful lack of imagination. That Versatile obviously know better than their ableism and vicious misogyny is bad enough; that they deliver it in character is tragic. With grim predictability, it turns out that two of them were privately educated, while the other went to Ireland’s National Performing Arts School. Almost as a corollary, they say things like “you can’t give offence, you can only take it”. With all the ability they may have, they’ve cynically yet wholeheartedly found their way as tedious would-be provocateurs whose punches only go down, too cowardly to say anything truly upending. Like too many people, they’re yet to learn that unflattering depictions of people less privileged than you are not performance art. But who knows where time will take them. Devvo’s first video went online in 2004, and he’s still touring the same old act. You may have a long and glittering career yet, Versatile.

Alfred Soto: The melodies hint at Mideast influences, and the bustling, rush hour-indebted production works, but, boy, is it ugly — not that I knew without looking up the lyrics.

Tim de Reuse: Ostensibly comedic, but too self-serious and ill-natured to actually get a laugh. Being unlikable as a joke has the unfortunate side effect of making you unlikable.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: God, sometimes a song just gives you too much of a headache to listen to more than once.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: After you get past how obnoxious this initially sounds, the multiple grooves this develops proves intriguing. And then you pay attention to the lyrics and realize it’s obnoxious again.

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4 Responses to “Versatile – Prefontaine”

  1. All this makes me think is that thank god there wasn’t the ability to spread my idiocy everywhere when I was 23. In 1996 only my friends in Portland OR had to be aware that I was an alcoholic, charmless, ding dong.

    I have hope for these boys. I got better.

  2. i don’t have any opinion on this but horse outside is so good i’ve been listening the whole day

    thank you katherine

  3. it’s fuckin’ true

  4. Brilliant, so glad to have found a thread full of incredibly creative, middle-aged, intellectuals such as myself.

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