Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


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We would like some new writers.

Would you like to be one of them?

If so, email us with the following:

– Your name and no other information about you.

– No links to anything you have ever written anywhere ever. We are not interested in that. We only care how well you can play our game.

– Reviews (with marks out of ten) of no fewer than THREE of the following songs:

[SONG 01]

[SONG 02]

[SONG 03]

[SONG 04]

[SONG 05]

[SONG 06]

[SONG 07]

[SONG 08]

[SONG 09]

[SONG 10]

– Plus reviews of at least TWO songs of your own choosing.

And then, if we would like you to write for us, we will be in touch.

Thank you.

The Jukebox

16 Responses to “NEW”

  1. Clicked on the links out of curiosity and two (2 and 3, I think) are blocked in my country. My country being the USA.

  2. Yeah, Canadians face the same problem.

  3. The tracks are probably sour anyway.

    (Just my opinion, Tray, but I like your posts and think you should try out for real, if you’ve got the time.)

  4. Thanks Frank, but I really know so little about music. I can’t recognize instruments, or tell French disco from Detroit house, or prog from punk, or alt from whatever. I really only know rap and really poppy pop, and I know rap much less than a Jordan S, who you already have along.

  5. I honestly don’t think I realized until the past couple days that Tray isn’t a regular Jukebox contributor! I’m slow on those kinds of things sometimes, but honestly, Tray — in the past couple of days especially, your comments (on Ne-Yo, Ting Tings, Willow Smith, etc.) have been as smart as anyone’s on this board. And believe me, I don’t think anybody here knows every genre; you’re allowed to pick and choose what you review, though right now I’d be interested in your thoughts about stuff that’s not rap or pop regardless, partly because you don’t consider yourself an expert. Hell, genre experts are boring anyway, usually. And as for not being able to recognize instruments, join the club — I’ve been faking it in that department for more than a quarter century, and getting paid for it, and I’m kinda amazed I don’t get called out for it more. (Phil Dellio, who’s a really good music critic himself, had a great quote once about not knowing how to identify instruments; wish I had it handy right now.) Anyway, Frank is right — Jukebox would totally benefit if you were added to the pool of reviewers. You should audition, totally.

  6. I must say, Tray, I agree wholeheartedly with Chuck. Do you think I know about most of the shit I write about? I think we’re all winging it to some extent.

  7. Echoing the above sentiments. Your response about “Champagne Life” is great.

  8. tray should write

  9. btw i don’t know that much about rap

  10. Yes, Tray should write. And about non-rap too, because that would be interesting. Actually it’s really interesting when most Jukebox writers cover songs from scenes they’re not into and I wish you all would do it more (without being obtuse about it, obv, there’s a way to pull off the outsider voice and a way not to) (and I realise I can’t talk, given that I’ve had v little time recently to blurb anything other than what I’m listening to anyway, this will change in a couple of weeks, that or I’ll have expired under this workload).

  11. I applied last week. But then, I’m sure you have a handful of more interesting applicants across the board…

  12. Well, I’m flattered by your comments and will think about it.

  13. Frankly, I’d have invited you already if you ever commented with yr actual email address.

    Those who have applied – I’m going to start getting back to you later this week.

    Those who haven’t applied yet – please do. I’ve not set a deadline because, as most of our writers will tell you, I’m really quite awful with them.

  14. Oh, well, here’s a comment with my actual e-mail address!

  15. What is the email provided? I can’t seem to get it what with my Apple email not working.

  16. Still taking applications?