Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter

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Abdullah Siddiqui: I missed you, Mildred. 

Alfred Soto: Playing “Mother’s Daughter” after new Banks emphasizes the homogeneity of the pop scene; also, its indebtedness to Sky Ferreira when complaints about the star-making machinery rise to epic levels (the chorus hints at Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch,” which is something). As usual, Miley Cyrus’ protean vocal gifts — she can avenge and suffer; she’s Medea and Antigone — turn a song into radio fodder.

Katherine St Asaph: Parts of this are quite good. Unfortunately, that’s because they’re the melody from “Swim Good.”

David Moore: On an EP of truly heinous material — the kind of stuff that makes Can’t Be Tamed sound like Bangerz;seriously, check out the RuPaul duetthis one is merely perplexing, an ode to a mom who is… fierce like a crocodile?

Will Adams: I imagine something like this could work: a blustery mission statement like the type Diana Gordon’s done, delivered with an endearing conviction. But imagining that alternate reality just serves as a distraction from my general annoyance with the whole package. “I’m nasty, I’m evil,” Miley sneers, as if the chaste rebranding of the Younger Now era didn’t happen just two years ago. It’s hard to be invested when she’s just trying on genres on a whim.

Scott Mildenhall: With such a vague list of affirmations, much rests on their delivery. Already painted into a corner by the words “I’m nasty, I’m evil,” Cyrus duly fails to prevent them from sounding laughable, something compounded by how she really doesn’t seem to be playing this for laughs. It was ever thus. Still, switch off from the overcompensation, and there remains an enjoyably tough piece of music.

Alex Clifton: The thing about Miley’s music is that it’s always been distinctive — even when it’s not been great, it always felt like something that could only come from Miley herself. I can’t imagine anyone else singing “Party In the USA” with such conviction, and “Malibu” was gentle and dippy but still felt true to who she is as a person. (We don’t talk about the Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz album for obvious reasons, but needless to say that’s very obviously from her.) This is the first time since her Disney days that a song has felt entirely anonymous. That’s a shame because I think the conceit of the song is neat but nothing about this feels distinctive. Blerghhhhh. I’m bored.

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One Response to “Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter”

  1. I liked this song quite a bit! I do agree that it could have been anyone doing it though. It is definitely not one that is distinctive as Alex mentions above.