Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Madeon – All My Friends

Wunderkind’s bildungsroman… is what this text would say if he were German…

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Fittingly for an artist returning from three years in the wilderness, Madeon cobbles together a return single that sounds like all the pop-EDM tricks he missed out on while he was gone. He’s supremely skilled at putting them together — the bass slaps harder, the flutes and synths groove better — but there’s no real innovation here. Yet just hearing Madeon make music with such joy again is worth the admission price, and hearing him contribute his own vocals just adds to the fun.

Will Adams: I guess it truly is 2019, if a producer as fluorescent and loud as Madeon can turn out something this chill. “All My Friends” shows promise at the outset, especially during the flute melody that appears in the pre-chorus. But what we get is a drop that conjures the same numbness of “Can’t Feel My Face.”

Isabel Cole: Grooves along competently but without much interest. Conceptually I’m kind of into the contrast between the warped vocals in the winding, repetitive chorus that starts the song off, and the more open, straightforward vowels in the verses and especially the pre-chorus which inclines briefly upward — something about the brief stirrings of a wish for connection which almost feels like hope dissolving back into a closed loop of paranoia — but actually listening to it, eh.

Alex Clifton: I can’t remember any words from this song but the main melody has been stuck in my head for a good half an hour, so that’s a success. It’s a little more boring than some of Madeon’s other works (mostly I’m just mad nothing else will ever be as good as the “Pop Culture” mashup) but it’s still enjoyable.

Alfred Soto: The anonymity is the point. So are the post-Scritti electrobeats and keyboard curlicues. “All My Friends” does what it sets out to do. There, happy? Give’em a gold star.

Iris Xie: I really wish Madeon had given this demo to a K-Pop boy band, because it would make such a good low-key summer song. The sudden elevation of the melody and twinkle synth at 1:30 adds contrast to the mild build-up and rather well-tuned drop, and makes you feel like you are gently flying and grabbing a bunch of candies along the way. But the muddled and indistinct vocals of the chorus, along with a strong need for a more interesting hook, mean that this is ultimately a missed opportunity. The execution isn’t quite there, and that’s fairly disappointing.

Tim de Reuse: It’s got a sincere, beating heart of Daft Punkian French house (my personal kryptonite, and something that I’m pleased to see Madeon has retained after all this time), but it’s also got a full buffet of empty-calorie bells and whistles: the ever-present atmospherics, the overlapping vocal takes, the breakbeats that keep worming their way in on the way to the criminally unnecessary build-up. When it’s got momentum, the simplicity of the titular chant makes for an absolute treat, but I worry that if this trend continues he’ll be pivoting entirely to tropical bells by 2021.

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One Response to “Madeon – All My Friends”

  1. I would not turn this off but I wouldn’t play it on purpose.