Monday, July 8th, 2019

Liam Gallagher – Shockwave

Yeah, cheers mate…


Katherine St Asaph: After a bumpy career past couple of years, Liam Gallagher sets out to once again make audiences weak and vulnerable. Unfortunately, he does it with this mannered classic-rock slab, half of which might have done it in the ’90s, half of which might not have since the ’70s.

Ramzi Awn: “Shockwave” resurrects an old and familiar genre: intros to Sandra Dee beach movies or cult horror classics. But as playful as it is, Gallagher fails to revive the word “shockwave” in the same way that Britney Spears did “womanizer” and overall, the single sounds more schlocky than shocking.

Scott Mildenhall: The children gather round the fire for the UK’s number one Oasis tribute act, drawn in by his impressive stories of bygone times — “Liam Gallagher ‘more hated than Saddam’” a particular favourite. Their parents have told them of their part in the Battle of Britpop, but now, if they squint through the embers, they can be a part of it themselves. Come daybreak, though, Liam Gallagher is Macromedia in a HTML5 world and his current career is a Brexit for the under 50s.

Will Adams: Back when iTunes used to have free downloads as part of their “Single of the Week” series, I accumulated an assortment of random rock bandscompetent breakout songs. They were fine, perfectly serviceable, but not necessarily enough to make me interested to actually check out the band further. “Shockwave” sounds like it could have been one of those downloads: buzzy and slightly cool, clearly deserving of some sort of label push, but nothing inspiring any action beyond listening to it a few times before letting it fester in the darkest recesses of my iTunes library.

Alfred Soto: After reading the six-sentence, judicious career appraisal, I said “fuck it” and erased it. This is a dumb song: not good dumb, dumb dumb. The hook stupefies, the English is worse, and I hate rock and roll. 

Jonathan Bradley: I guess a sonic boom is a kind of shockwave, but it isn’t supposed to grind its way out so tediously, nor is it meant to arrive 25 years after the vehicle in question has gone, um, “Supersonic.”

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