Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Gerry Cinnamon – Canter

Here come the drums, here come the drums…


Scott Mildenhall: The expression, codification and concurrent commodification of Scottish identities through Twitter is fertile ground for investigation, and the rise of Gerry Cinnamon from that ground and into public consciousness even beyond Scotland is an interesting touchstone for it. He means something to people, in a way that he never could if he were singing with a transatlantic or Sheeranical twang. All of this is to say that every click on a Buzzfeed “Scottish tweets” compilation makes Gerry Cinnamon stronger, but for an outsider, no less boring.

Katherine St Asaph: The amiable “Solsbury Hill”-ishness of “Canter” is seconds from getting it snapped up, if it hasn’t already, for a movie trailer, at which point Gerry Cinnamon will probably spend the next couple of years putting out increasingly Mumfordy singles that aren’t as good as this.

Jonathan Bradley: Rhyming “canter” and wanker” is forgivable once; less so as a capper to every verse. A four-four thud that pounds out any space that had been given to a quite deft guitar line squanders even more of the goodwill accumulated via an accent that reminds me how I quite enjoyed some of those Glasvegas singles.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: I was so down to like this — the relatively raw acoustic guitar, the shameless and uncompromising use of slang I had to look up, the charisma in Cinnamon’s vocal performance — and then the drumbeat came in and I realized that I had almost fallen for a folk-pop crossover single. You gotta stay vigilant, y’know?

Joshua Minsoo Kim: I never knew a simple drum beat could turn a harmless pub song into something so aggressively mediocre.

Iris Xie: I am sometimes bowled over by art that lacks significant self-awareness. The fact that “Canter” switches from a fiddly guitar tune to a bumping saltine cracker of a synth in order to help Gerry Cinnamon’s announcement of “Here comes the rain,” oh man. It’s so on the nose, I think I might hallucinate at the audacity. The next Farmville reboot should consider this song.

Ian Mathers: Nobody could get him to get to rethink that canter/wanker quote-unquote rhyme? That is wild to me.

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One Response to “Gerry Cinnamon – Canter”

  1. I can easily imagine getting shitfaced and singing along with this with a bunch of squares. It’s a (10) in this imaginary experience and a (4) otherwise.