Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Tove Lo – Glad He’s Gone

And no one commented on how this song was premiered by a Pikachu

Tobi Tella: Tove Lo has floated out of the mainstream rather quickly and seemingly of her own volition, unless she expected to get a radio hit entitled “Disco Tits.” But her music has never gripped me in any meaningful way, relying on the messy dark party girl image that she got one hit out of and stagnating within it. That’s why I was so surprised when I heard this, a fully formed song about a topic I can’t think of many songs about: watching your friends in toxic relationships. The production is nothing to write home about, but the lyrics are way sharper than basically anything else I’ve ever heard her write. Every line is designed to remind you of something gross you’ve seen in a bad relationship.

Maxwell Cavaseno: “New Rules” meets “Choices (Yup)” is less of a song than a equation.

Joshua Lu: Less off-kilter than Tove’s previous lead singles but still indelibly weird, “Glad He’s Gone” is less a conversation between a jilted lover and her confidant than as a one-sided harangue against a no-good ex. As a way to help your friend, this isn’t objectionable — plenty of broken hearts have had their healing processes kickstarted with an angry rant — but as a song, it’s bit tedious. Tove brings it all: a pre-chorus that doubles as an interrogation, aggressively queer undertones starting from the first four words of the first verse, and several unearned profanities. But the relentlessness with which they emerge can get in the song’s own way, like how the bridge’s final line of “He never loved you” should be a revelation, but is dampened by the fact that it already slipped out a minute prior.

Alfred Soto: I should enjoy this sweetened cyanide pill, but the trap beat and Tove Lo’s falsetto gymnastics cloy in the wrong ways.

Michael Hong: Tove Lo’s Lady Wood and Blue Lips were frustrating for two main reasons: 1) they replaced the colourful, explosive Queen of the Clouds with a lifeless backdrop for her self-destruction and hedonism, and 2) though she was originally praised for being open about brazen sexuality, it often felt like she was using it simply for shock value. “Glad He’s Gone” leaves the monochromatic production behind, but the iciness appears to have only left the instrumental, the song often sounding cruel and spiteful.

Katherine St Asaph: Songwriting tips: 1) If you go with “only one dick, that’s a bummer” in the chorus, which is certainly a choice (though it does raise the hilarious possibility that she dumped him for not being meme George Washington), then you’re committing to a certain level of raunch. You don’t get to tone down that line from “You Oughta Know” (“did you let him leave a necklace” is pornier, but less shocking), let alone tone down lines from “Somebody Told Me” or “New Rules.” 2) It’s almost impossible to go wrong writing about a girl’s shitty ex, yet I can’t tell what exactly this dude did besides having expectations and getting an occasional blowjob. (“Going down on his birthday” vs. “showing him all your crazy” is like some twisted pop-culture version of the Madonna-whore complex.) 3) Rhyming “summer” with “bummer” is still glaring with a few lines between them. 4) Ideally, music should match lyrics. The song is about an impending debauched hot girl summer, but pairing it with a preset trap beat, lackadaisical “Don’t Let Me Down” guitar and singsong melody makes it sound like so much drudgery.

Ian Mathers: Okay, so a song can 100% convince me that he ain’t shit without ever actually getting interesting, good to know.

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4 Responses to “Tove Lo – Glad He’s Gone”

  1. Score is more or less deserved but the video softened me up a bit on the song

    Although y’all did majorly underrate disco tits

  2. Theory: James-Bay-esque guitar tremolos are non-soluble with diluted “Thotiana” beats and raunchiness.
    Evidence: This song.

  3. Definitely just laughed out loud reading Katherine’s blurb.

  4. This song is excellent, y’all are crazy

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