Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Das Racist – Who’s That? Brooown!

Well, yes…


Kat Stevens: I don’t get it. Where’s the Wallpaper remix?

Al Shipley: Thanks to Ke$ha, this isn’t the worst song recently featured on Singles Jukebox that features an interpolation of the “There’s A Place In France” melody, but it’s close. Maybe the next time these guys write a cutesy smart-alecky essay to show off how clever they are they can ponder why their music is total dogshit.

Chuck Eddy: Ke$ha should sue them for that flutey hook they swiped from “Take It Off” (oh wait, she didn’t invent that either, did she?), and Barenaked Ladies want Chickity China The Chinese Chicken back, and the rapping sounds bored in a way that reminds me why I never liked Native Tongues stuff much. Obnoxious title line compensates somewhat, but it’s no Pizza Hut Taco Bell. Not even close.

Anthony Easton: Is it too easy to make a shit joke? The hipster love of Das Racist continues to completely confuse me.

Edward Okulicz: They fluked on one amazing song, nobody’s going to expect them to deliver another one even one hundredth as good as “Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell”.

Martin Skidmore: I quite like their jagged style by now, the chopped up samples and beats, the unpredictability of it. The rapping is another matter — lifeless and deliberately nonsensical, with barely any flow detectable. Possibly they will open some conceptual territory that others will do more interesting things in.

Pete Baran: Das Racist manages to sell yet another lame ass sludgy sample rap with an infectious set of fun. It’s just not that much fun though, and needless to say that if you were going to play just one Das Racist track, it isn’t going to be this one. There is a slowed down, world of mogadon charm to it, though, which makes it not quite as terrible as I even think it wants to be.

Jonathan Bogart: The Tribe Called Quest sample — or rather, the idea of the sample suggested by the title — suggests something much wittier, goofier, and likable than they ended up turning in. I guess that’s their shtick.

Mallory O’Donnell: It’s strange, but in today’s marketplace, these guys have a lot going for them. They’re an ethnic and cultural bouillabaisse, they’re bi-coastal, they’re totally nerds when being totally nerds has never been so totally on trend. And from whatever point of view you approach their bizarre meta-commentary as architecture as hip-hop, you have to admire how well it’s constructed. In fact, it’s almost too well-constructed. In fact, it’s over-constructed, and is about to fall over. Because this is the modern era, we get to watch it fall over in real time. Because it’s in real time, it’s falling over right now.

6 Responses to “Das Racist – Who’s That? Brooown!”

  1. i liked the last review the best, although i don’t quite get all the falling down stuff at the end.

    also, the chocolate chicken line comes from “scenario”, not “one week”.


  3. cutesy smart alecky critic upset about someone making raps about weed, being brown, and making jokes. hm

  4. would like to go on record as saying i kinda like this but not got a whole lot more to say than that

  5. I just can’t bear the smirking “we’re so clever” tone. There’s nothing clever about any of this.

  6. Al Shipley hilarity squared