Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Lauv ft. Anne-Marie – Fuck, I’m Lonely

Currently accepting suggestions for what the radio edited title could be. So far I’ve got “Freak, I’m Lonely”, “Fudge, I’m Lonely” and “Gee Whiz, I’m Lonely”…


Joshua Minsoo Kim: Lauv’s songs always seem embarrassingly underdeveloped, and this is the most egregious example to date. Nothing about the verses is memorable, and the only thing this song has going for it is the titular hook. But as Lauv sings it with a performative inflection, this non-song suddenly feels like the perfect embodiment of momentary dread. Life can seem perfectly OK, but then you’ll be hit with a reminder of why it isn’t — and it’ll be all because you keep telling yourself that.

Leah Isobel: This overly precious emo-pop might work if the lyrics had any specificity or tension, or even effort. Instead, Anne-Marie mumbles about “the shows you showed me” like she’s never seen The Office before, and Lauv bleeds the titular expletive of any meaning at all. IHeartRadio programmers everywhere rejoiced.

Vikram Joseph: If you’re going to build a song around the word “fuck,” at least have the decency to propel it with some feeling — Lauv’s twee, squeaky falsetto drains the word of all the desperation it should channel, smothering the entire song in a damp teatowel which probably has the words “Live, Laugh, Love” emblazoned on it. Anne-Marie’s breathy, genuinely despondent-sounding effort at the start of the second verse is much better, conveying a whole heap of “how, exactly, did I mess this up” energy, but she only gets to deliver it once. She also gets the best line in the song (“My friends are way too drunk to save me from my phone / so sorry if I say some things I mean“), but Lauv dominates this rather anaemic-sounding song and wastes whatever potential it might have had.

Joshua Lu: The most important line comes in the bridge, where Lauv admits that, as painful as his loneliness might be, he doesn’t want to get over whoever this song is about. It’s an interesting concept, but one that’s not properly explored — does he not want to move on because it would acknowledge that the hurt he’s feeling is capable of being surmounted? Because the pain is a reminder of the love he felt before, and negating it thereby diminishes the impact of the good parts? There’s probably a million songs that actually explore this idea properly, explicitly or otherwise, but I’m choosing to bring attention to this little line because it’s the only thing stopping this song from being a complete bore. Instead, it’s about 95% a bore, carrying all of the worst parts from Lauv’s recent output: awkward and misplaced swearing from “Drugs & the Internet,” grating repetition from “I’m So Tired…,” and that nauseating sense of patheticness that’s imbued all of his songs since “I Like Me Better.” At least the title, in isolation, is capable of making me laugh; I love when feature credits end up contradicting the title.

Katie Gill: What a weirdly produced song! The beat threatens to overtake the vocals in the beginning, the entire song hinges on that absolutely gimmicky beat, and only Anne-Marie seems to realize the song’s title is “fuck, I’m lonely” not “pho, I’m lonely.”

Michael Hong: A toy keyboard that’s a little excessively plodding, off-beat percussion that’s a little too loud, and f-bombs dropped in a way that make it perfectly clear that this was made for that controversial teen drama.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Is my heart too cold and cynical to enjoy this cutesy high school drama? Not quite.

Alex Clifton: Sometimes memories of an ex flash through your mind — the songs they played you, an inside joke, the way they smelled — and it’s enough to wash you out with grief. And sometimes it’s a bittersweet tightening of the chest and a small smile, knowing you’ll never be those people again. I like hearing the smile in here amidst the (sometimes overly-)spangly production; it’s a sweeter take on the feeling that doesn’t feel melodramatic. It’s also easily the best song Anne-Marie’s been on in over a year, which in itself is cause for celebration.

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  1. Katie I’m cackling over “pho I’m lonely”

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