Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Mist ft. Fredo – So High

[Ed. note: any connection between the featured artist’s name and recent controversies is completely coincidental and unplanned. Now back to your regularly scheduled subhead.] More like NOT So High am I right???


Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Low stakes to the point of transparency — only things of note are the (admittedly well-used) Toni Braxton sample, the noxious talk of groupies, and the fact that we’re covering it on the same day that there’s a national political controversy about the feature’s name sort of being an ethnic slur against Italians.

Alfred Soto: The croakings of scorn from skeptics aside, science has shown that any song sampling Toni Braxton’s “You’re Makin’ Me High” can’t fail. These rappers got a love jones for the body and skin tone of a groupie, at this point the tiredest terrain ever trod by pop musicians, yet they stay clear of the bullshit. 

Thomas Inskeep: Mist and Fredo both sound great on this track, but unfortunately it’s just some more “we’re tough, we get high, we sell drugs, we use women” bullshit, and nobody needs that.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: The Toni Braxton sample is strong enough that most rappers would sound fine on it. Mist knows how to exude the confidence that it warrants, but Fredo’s more lax delivery halts the song’s energy. Still, neither really work with the titular sound bite in a way that feels worthwhile, both in terms of lyrics and delivery. “So High” mostly benefits from being a simple mood expressed in a short amount of time.

Will Adams: Preditah’s percolating production is a highlight; it’s just a shame that neither of these two take advantage of it. Mist fares a bit better than Fredo, but overall their lackadaisical performances against such an energetic backdrop creates a strange disconnect.

Edward Okulicz: At the risk of being ostracised from not just the music-writing community, but all humankind, I don’t really like Toni Braxton’s “You’re Making Me High” very much. In fact, I don’t really like Toni Braxton that much either. But really, the thing I do like about “You’re Making Me High” is the breathy excitement that she seems unable to contain throughout the chorus until all she can say is “baby, baby, baby.” Taking only bits of it destroys the fine tension of the hook, and it’s not like what they’ve added is particularly interesting, either.

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