Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Junglepussy – Trader Joe

Grocery rap has come a long way since Gudda Gudda…

Iris Xie: A delightfully silly and playful track that doesn’t really show well on repeat, perhaps because it is almost too chill. The chorus, with its irreverent “wa-waaa”s, and the imagery in the lyrics represent Junglepussy as a queen who is very clear about how she likes doing things because she likes doing them, and that includes liking Trader Joe’s more than her man. Simple, breezy sentiments that express a relaxed sense of self-care and security of self.

Oliver Maier: “Trader Joe” has some of the right ingredients for a great piece of feather-light ear candy, but reaping the rewards of minimalism requires that everything that is happening be as fine-tuned as possible. As it stands, the chorus isn’t as catchy as it proclaims itself to be, the arpeggiating beat can’t propel the song all the way, and Junglepussy’s vocal doesn’t carry enough presence to sell her conversational bars. Said bars hint at several different directions — odes to a crush, brags of independence and successful finessing, a promising anecdote about boning this dude’s cousin instead — without committing to any of them long enough to paint a real picture.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Wii-background-music-core production and an overabundance of corny food jokes should be a recipe for disaster, but Junglepussy’s charm and restraint in not hamming it up too much make “Trader Joe” into a refreshing piece of amiable pop rap.

Joshua Lu: “Trader Joe” loses track of itself quickly, meandering between come-ons, fruit metaphors, and a sudden family barbecue. But it all comes together at the end, where Junglepussy’s depiction of love is so perversely touching that I end up wanting someone to carry my groceries and lick my toes, too.

Alfred Soto: So, wait: she’s complaining about a guy who licks her toes and picks her up at Trader Joe’s but doesn’t fuck her? Shit, I’ll renounce bachelorhood for this Dream Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyway, the pleasure is in the “O Superman” stutter hook and self-amused timbre.

Nortey Dowuona: Happy baby voices wave goodbye to the shimmying synths and hollow bone drums with occasional creaks and whispers, as Junglepussy paints down the resultant structure and breaks it apart for the kids to rebuild later.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Pro tip: this song is even funnier if you imagine the guy Junglepussy is singing about as some odd, whipped Wall Street bloke named Joe who works in commerce and happens to enjoy wearing vests and safari hats.

Kylo Nocom: I get why; nostalgia-inducing background vocal FX, charmingly odd pop rap. But it all feels a tad underwhelming; Junglepussy should be sailing smoothly here when she reads as sleepy. It doesn’t help that I’ve never stepped foot in a Trader Joe’s.

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