Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Maggie Lindemann ft. Travis Barker – Friends Go

Friends go… Jukebox scores are forever…


Julian Axelrod: Me @ Travis Barker

Ian Mathers: I was going to question all of this focus once again on Travis Barker (a perfectly fine drummer, but how often do guest drummers get “ft.” credits?), but then I listened to the Barker-less version (which is almost vaguely ska-pop), and you know what? This slightly scuffed-up pop-punk version is absolutely the superior one. And yeah, the drumming is a significant part of it. It’s only with the contrast that I appreciate how much I appreciate the energy of this “Friends Go.”

Alfred Soto: The light skank is about all she can handle, but don’t giver much credit for getting away with “Underneath It All”-era Gwen Stefani.

Kayla Beardslee: Good news: this remix is not any worse than the original. Bad news: the original was never that good in the first place. Both versions have a prominent musical element — blaring horns or Barker’s crashing drums — that transform the chorus into an exhausting wall of sound, and both also bury Lindemann’s vocals at the back of the mix, even though she should be front and center on this song that aspires to be confessional. At least on this remix, however, the raw lyrics are less at odds with the production and don’t come off quite as hollow and gimmicky. I had assumed, based on the “why did all my friends go?” hook, that “Friends Go” was about social relationships, but reading through the lyrics, it’s actually about… dissociative identity disorder/multiple personalities? I have no idea what to do with that, but since the loud production overshadows everything else, the track’s specific meaning doesn’t matter much anyway.

Katherine St Asaph: I liked this a lot better when I thought it was an earnest pop-punk song about losing your friends, rather than the Melanie Martinez-y take on cartoonized mental illness, complete with straitjacket, that it actually is. I also liked it better when I thought it started out as a pop-punk song, rather than being the Shania Twain pink-and-black-CD version of the original. But it’s still a great argument for a rebooted, Lindemann-fronted Blink-182.

Vikram Joseph: “Friends Go” sits directly in the middle of an all-Canadian Venn diagram involving “Sk8er Boi,” Carly Rae Jepsen’s breathless, heart-sore synth-pop, and Art Angels-era Grimes, and it is exactly as much fun as that sounds. (The vintage No Doubt vibes of the original, Travis Barker-free version are also a lot of fun, albeit of a very different sort.) It’s subtle like a Boeing 747, and the central conceit is essentially an off-patent re-imagining of “Just Like A Pill” (just replace medication with an imaginary friend as a metaphor for your toxic, intense relationship!), but this is an absolute rocket.

Joshua Lu: A lovely Art Angels pastiche, undone by the sound of Travis Barker treating his drum set like a toddler throwing dinner plates on the kitchen floor.

Will Adams: A definite upgrade from the ska-leaning original — the almost-but-not-quite “No Woman No Cry” quote becomes far more interesting and less derivative against a driving pop-punk arrangement. Travis Barker’s added sheen makes “Friends Go” a solid test case for a new direction for Maggie Lindemann, which is why I’m gonna score this aTHERE’S SO MUCH REVERB OH MY GOD WHY. IT SOUNDS LIKE I’M LISTENING TO THE SONG BLASTING FROM OUTSIDE A STADIUM OR PERHAPS THE BOTTOM OF THE GRAND CANYON. WHO DID THIS. I KNOW REVERB IS NOT A TANGIBLE, FINITE RESOURCE BUT I’M PRETTY SURE THERE’S NONE LEFT NOW BECAUSE YOU USED IT ALL HERE. THE SONG IS RUINED. AHHHH.

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3 Responses to “Maggie Lindemann ft. Travis Barker – Friends Go”

  1. I didn’t get to blurb this in time and like… this is fine? But the vocal mixing is SUPER weird and sounds like she’s singing in a tunnel. I like the energy of it but it’d be much better if you could understand half the words she’s saying.

  2. counterpoint: it’s better if you don’t know what she’s saying

  3. Wow… you judgemental awful people…. what cruel things to say about a persons pain and trauma you know NOTHING about! Don’t know what to do with dissociative disorder meaning. Maybe educate yourself? So sad and disappointing to see such hate because you simply do not understand… wow.