Friday, October 8th, 2010

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West – Erase Me

In many ways, the Shop Boyz have an awful lot to answer for…


Al Shipley: In the wack motherfucker Olympics that rap has become, the only way Cudi could one-up B.o.B.’s Rivers Cuomo collab is by writing an actual Weezer song.

Jer Fairall: Fortunately, I guess, Cudi’s own stoner frat-boy delivery is far less infuriatingly obnoxious than Cuomo’s aged hipster posturing, making this sort of pleasantly derivative rather than a “Magic”-level nuisance. Save for Kanye’s (most welcome, in this context; the image of an “angel waving ‘hi’ to Aalyiah” is heartening enough to bump this up a whole point) closing verse, this could have easily been one of the more tolerable of those mid-90s Deadeye Dick/Crash Test Dummies/Presidents of the United States of America alt-novelty hits.

Jonathan Bogart: Kanye’s verse is among the most unmemorable in a career of them (He’s only rarely been worth much as a guest, too often putting his feet up on the furniture and rummaging through the liquor cabinet without being asked). And Cudi’s not much better; if trying to make music about relationships leads to this sub-Everclear plod, go back to songs about weed. Points for some rhythmic interest anyway — a whole half a beat devoted to “hmmm” is worth a giggle.

Martin Skidmore: I’m not a big Kanye fan, but his rapping livens this up significantly. Mostly, the music is far too tedious.

Anthony Easton: I like how well their voices work together, and the contempt is laid on with an ease that swings.

Alfred Soto: Cudi lumbers across power chords that plod as much as he does, and Kanye follows suit. Yet the track has a lobotomized charm: two lunkheads mumbling about women or something, like on Iggy’s “Nightclubbing.”

Rodney J. Greene: I was naive enough to think no one would be influenced by Lil Wayne’s Rebirth.

3 Responses to “Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West – Erase Me”

  1. anybody else notice that this cops a great deal from Smashing Pumpkins ‘Today’? ugh

  2. “wack motherfucker Olympics” = A++++

  3. Al Shipley & Rodney both OTFM. This is indeed the consummate [1].