Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Lil Baby & DaBaby – Baby

im baby


Wayne Weizhen Zhang: So uncharismatic, sloppy, and joyless that not even a joke about “Baby” being the baby of Lil Baby and DaBaby can redeem this. 

Julian Axelrod: Putting a gleeful, gruesome, gross and engrossing Tazmanian Devil like DaBaby next to a boring, burbling black hole of charisma like Lil Baby seems like mutually assured destruction. But given the thin sheen of Quality Control flop sweat that glistens across the track, you can tell it’s supposed to feel like a triumph — or at least a successful merger.

Alfred Soto: DaBaby’s thick, imperious timbre lends authenticity to his anecdotes and grotesque boasts, and he foils the too well-named Lil Baby. At twenty seconds past the two-minute mark it doesn’t get tiresome.

Tim de Reuse: The mood is woozy. Lil Baby fits “stewardesses” into two syllables. DaBaby brings some much-needed energy and feels strangely out of place as a result. The mumbling autotune of the chorus has something lightly sinister to it — an interesting atmosphere, maybe, if there were more material to work with, but as it stands it might as well have been an accident.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Lil Baby raps like he’s simultaneously confident and afraid to speak up, his mutterings a good fit for a beat that’s assured in its minimalism. DaBaby’s presence transforms our understanding of those persistent synth stabs–he makes each wheeze sound a bit more ghastly than the last–but to return to Lil Baby’s chorus afterwards only stymies the effect.

Will Rivitz: If you’re gonna act hard on mic, best to do it over a beat stronger than something Flume might make while otherwise occupied.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: Dur dur d’être bébé indeed.

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  1. jesus christ will

  2. had maybe three days worth of relevance on that reference so bless this song for coming through

  3. leave jesus christ out of this

    (also lol)

  4. the panel is seldom more wrong than we see here

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