Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora – Ritual

If the ritual was meant to get them on the sidebar, then, well…


Joshua Lu: [Soulful] [house] [anthem] about [old love] by [Tiësto, Jonas Blue] [&] [Rita Ora][!]

Michael Hong: It’s a shame Rita Ora never took off stateside; otherwise, we might have gotten more solid pure pop hits rather than having her act as a voice-for-hire for whichever EDM act demands it. “Ritual” fares slightly poorer than previous features — where at least “Lonely Together” had the sense to position Rita Ora as coy and flirty, “Ritual” is completely devoid of personality. Ora’s attempts to be sensual are thwarted by unnecessary vocal distortions and the loudness of the instrumental. On the chorus, when she finally rises above it, she just sounds completely faceless. Tiësto and Jonas Blue do little to help her, producing clunky instrumentals, and only ever going anywhere on an all too brief post-chorus breakdown.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: These sex-as-religion lyrics are not convincing in the slightest. What is, though, is the swelling chorus — triumphant and energetic and fun. The harmonies in the second verse make the wait for the chorus’s return worthwhile, and the stripped down middle eight is surprisingly effective too.

Kayla Beardslee: The song of the summer that got away. On her EDM features, Rita Ora has always struck a great balance between showcasing her vocals and fitting into the groove of the song, and on “Ritual,” she successfully walks that tightrope again. Her voice is flexible, alternating between breezy verses, theatrical prechoruses, and a simple chorus where she lets Tiësto and Jonas Blue’s instrumental shine. Their drop, the deserving centerpiece of the track, is a six-note melody that’s masterful in its simplicity — it sounds as idyllic, effortless, and uplifting as the summer you dream about in the middle of winter.

Josh Buck: I think I like Rita Ora now?

Will Rivitz: The ritual I most frequently participated in during my formative years was my school’s hour-long weekly religious services I’d fall asleep in every Thursday morning. The only improvement this song makes is its runtime.

Stephen Eisermann: A song with the energy of a Vegas club on a Tuesday in November. We do need songs to walk out to after the final major banger though, right?

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  1. i was wondering what all the square brackets were for in Joshua’s blurb and then it hit me that that is Katherine’s script for Sigala & Becky Hill, anyway very very well done i love it

  2. omg so good

  3. Oh fuck that’s magnificent

  4. all credit to katherine

  5. shit I just saw this, amazing

  6. We are living in a golden age of script-house.

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