Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Illenium & Jon Bellion – Good Things Fall Apart

Tell me what you think I sound like, whatever it is I’m sorry…


Alfred Soto: Twenty-One Pilots doing “God Only Knows” but without Dolly Parton.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: A midpoint between the stadium stomps of alt-rock songs today and emo-pop belters of the mid-2000s. It works because the music is simultaneously less irritatingly whiny and undeservedly Epic as either camp. Hearing the rumbling guitar in this EDM-lite anthem is surprisingly nostalgic.

Kayla Beardslee: This is surprisingly confessional for an EDM track. I love that the bombast of the drop and the belted vocals is supported by the chorus’s emotional lyrics: sure, that may be a basic tenet of the genre, but it’s not always true of big electronic hits. I’m not fully on board with the solo guitar intro and outro or the shrill texture of the main synth, but this is enjoyably anthemic, and the hook (“I guess that sometimes good things fall apart”) is killer.

Joshua Copperman: Wow, this chorus. Everyone’s inspired by pop-punk these days (so was this), but Bellion’s hook lies closer to ballads like Daughtry’s “Home,” which is a compliment – I haven’t heard a chorus this slick and plainspoken in straightforward pop for years. Bellion inexplicably sells the self-pity so that it reads like an honest admisssion, to the point where the title sounds more like a “mistakes were made” tense reversal then “I guess it didn’t work out.” Illennium’s production needs more electric guitars to really bring back the adult contemporary rock sound – Howard Benson appears to still be working! Unfortunately, it sounds like Drew Taggart ghostwrote the verses, with all the basic breakup signifiers (“overthinking/drinking”, ” that night…”) and sentimentality that implies. The chorus alone gives this a pass.

Katherine St Asaph: Not Illangelo, the Weeknd collaborator, but Illenium, an ambiguously EDM producer. I say “ambiguously” because this is basically a Lifehouse song, hitched to a Fall Out Boy chorus that crashes in at ten times its weight. It’s a shame, because the lyric is something I could feel something about, if the part of my brain responsible for feeling weren’t being loudly pulverized.

Joshua Lu: I was going to write about how this song feels like a mishmash of disparate influences — One Direction in the chorus, Lukas Graham in the post-chorus couplet, country in the whistles and guitar, Chainsmokers-esque swoons and drops — but then I realized that the second verse is probably about Jon Bellion’s girlfriend faking an orgasm, and I don’t know if anything else is really worth mentioning.

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  1. Sad I missed this. “I know I can be dramatic” over those overblown drums encapsulates what I really enjoy about EDM, and the pop-rock guitars in the verses add a nice touch. Would have been at least a [6].

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