Friday, September 13th, 2019

Joel Corry – Sorry

Would have been higher if the vocalist was credited…


Joshua Minsoo Kim: It’s only 5 bpm slower than the Monsta Boy original but it feels considerably more sluggish (blame that on the innate propulsion of a 2-step beat). Thankfully, vocalist Hayley May doesn’t come off skeevy here, due in no small part to altering the “sleeping with your best friend” line. While it’s nice to have a version of this song that doesn’t sound like someone gaslighting a former lover, this rote house remix doesn’t really make me like it more. The things I like about this are all things present in the original–the way “fuss and fight” rolls off the tongue, the Brandy line, the seriousness of “I can see my whole world changing.”

Tobi Tella: A jam from the onset, the perfect use of piano-and-dance-beat structure, and making me retroactively wish it had been my song of the summer. Who knew something good could come from Love Island?

Alfred Soto: The piano/beat syncopation make my corpuscles sizzle — theoretically. Why doesn’t it take off? The vocals lack the compelling anonymity I expect from these house exercises, and the exercise itself isn’t strenuous. 

Thomas Inskeep: Corry’s taken Monsta Boy’s 2000 UKG track “Sorry (I Didn’t Know)” and remodeled it as a UK house track for the late 2010s — and frankly, I love this makeover, and prefer it. Hayley May’s (uncredited) vocal is better than Denzie’s on the original, and Corry’s gone the Marc Kinchen piano house route, which goes directly to my musical pleasure centers. Simultaneously sad (lyrics) and uplifting (music), this does, as they say, the justice.

William John: Pleasant as it may be to feel nostalgic for Casa Amor et al, it’s disappointing that we still don’t seem to have found a cure for the insidious Martha Wash / Kelli-Leigh / Failure to Credit Vocalists Syndrome.

Scott Mildenhall: On an essential level it’s arguably wrong to call a cover uninspired, because if there’s one thing they don’t have to be it’s original, and Joel Corry has taken that to an impressive extreme. Cleverly, he’s picked a song from 2000 and made it sound like one from 2019 with militaristic standards of camouflage, and as a former Geordie Shore bit player with a personal trainer business and respectable social media following, that this would lead to an airing on Love Island is indeed deserved reward for years of reserve training. It’s not as enjoyable as the original — there’s a homebrewed rawness to the Monsta Boy version, and Denzie’s vocals are far more characterful than Hayley May’s, which are so polished that her name has disappeared with them — but it exists. It’s the archetype of everything a VICE writer could ironically enjoy in 2019, but more importantly what many more enjoy sincerely.

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  1. What’s odd is that Hayley May is credited on the acoustic version:

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