Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Fall Out Boy ft. Wyclef Jean – Dear Future Self (Hands Up)

It’s modern rock day! First up, Fall Out Boy, who go Inna one ear and outta the other…


Katie Gill: We’re leaning super hard into that “Uma Thurman” surf rock vibe, huh. I can stomach this. It’s a good sound and hides the fact that Fall Out Boy’s lyrics haven’t evolved an inch since the Cork Tree days.

Alex Clifton: Not every song’s going to be as good as “Uma Thurman” but they could at least try to make it better. Working with Wyclef Jean was a step out of the band’s comfort zone, which is a neat move, but you can hardly note him in the song under all the AutoTune. It’s been weird watching FOB grow over the years because they’ve clearly gone from emo darlings to a more mainstream rock group and while I appreciate that they’re trying to evolve, I’m not sure it’s really working for them in this instance. Maybe this was more than they bargained for.

Katherine St Asaph: Fall Out Boy have long since abdicated the rules of taste, which is how they can do an Inna cover in the style of skank in the style of Dick Dale, with extra airhorns and extra vocal honks and extra apocalyptic lyrics — just very extra, in general. And because they’re no longer beholden to good ideas, when they fail they fail hard, but when they don’t, the result is more interesting and thrilling, in their weird inadvisable way, than those out there doing things right.

Ian Mathers: I’ve always had variable success with these guys, but Patrick Stump is pretty much always fun to hear sing, Wyclef somehow fits in(???), and this is nicely right in the punk-pop/power-pop pocket. I would pretty much never be upset to have this come on the radio.

Tobi Tella: Unfortunately, Fall Out Boy seems to be taking the hyperactivity of Mania to heart and based their entire persona on it. The gimmicks in the production and vocals might feel more earned if the song was about literally anything.

Alfred Soto: In which Patrick Stump reminds listeners that he knows this power pop shit, Wyclef Jean joins in with “She’s winding like she’s losing her mind,” and the rest is a tuneful smudge. 

Juan F. Carruyo: For real, it’s pretty cool to hear Wyclef rocking out. Otherwise, continues FOB’s trend of mixing surf guitars with cheap sounding autotuned vocals. Here’s hoping they tackle reggaeton next. 

Josh Buck: Friend I made listen to this: “This is OK Go but on crack.” 

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  1. either I overrated the ghostbusters song or underrated this

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