Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Alicia Keys ft. Miguel – Show Me Love

With that title, it almost feels like they’re robbing us…


Vikram Joseph: The auditory equivalent of a couple strolling down the street, holding hands like the value of their property depends on it, and somehow taking up the entire pavement while also moving so slowly that evolution itself might overtake them (if it could only find a way past them).

Ian Mathers: Their voices mesh well, and the kind of sleepy feel (rather than anything more overtly horny) kind of works, but it does feel both somewhat gratuitously prolonged and somehow barely there. 

Juan F. Carruyo: An extremely sparse backing track with stop-start, reverb-drenched e-drums and rubbery bass; just enough for Alicia and Miguel to drop intertwining harmonies atop it, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. There’s not much going on lyrically besides the main refrain, so take it as a raga perhaps. Four minutes designed for zoning out. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Tricks you into thinking its lyrics and vocals are evocative when it’s really just the mixing that’s keeping you engaged. It slowly loses its magic as the song’s repetitive nature becomes indicative of its dearth of ideas. And that brief moment of overt vocal processing? Terribly jarring — unsexy, even.

Tobi Tella: For such an exponent of the genre, Alicia has never really been an expert at slow jams. Her best songs to me have always tended to be the dramatic and theatrical ballads of longing, but this proves she’s still got it and can definitely do smooth. Miguel doesn’t add much, but he keeps the vibe going with minimum interruptions, which is really all I could ask for.

Alfred Soto: Incapable of vocalizing without installing neon lights around herself, Alicia Keys is at her warmest when she tones it down. Miguel and support from Raphael Saadiq’s guitar increase the centigrade on an average tune.

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