Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Sam Sparro ft. KING – Outside the Blue

We asked Sam for a quote on this great score, but apparently “the stars don’t even matter”…


Alfred Soto: With synths burbling like the jets in a sauna, those purveyors of post-eighties hologram soul pop collaborate with the Australian post-hunk on a billowing midtempo thing reliant on solid harmonies. Pleasant.

Katherine St Asaph: I wouldn’t necessarily pair KING with Sam Sparro, but the former subsume the latter into their sound and not vice versa, and remind the world that they still outclass by orders of magnitude the approximately 10 million quiet storm dilettantes recording today.

Kylo Nocom: This is what I’ve been trying to hear in Dev Hynes for forever, with the atmosphere of summer waterparks and 90s “worldly” educational aesthetics. “Grand utopia” is correct, and it looks a lot like Waterworld.

Jessica Doyle: A little too hazy for me to grasp well, though I’m always here for KING, and I’d happily take a two-hour mix as a defense against insomnia.

Ian Mathers: Just what you’d hope for from KING, and as long as Sparro is here, well, his voice blends nicely too.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Other than its criminal underuse of KING as glorified backup singers, this is exactly the kind of single that works anywhere and everywhere. It’s chill enough to be wallpaper but distinct enough to catch the ear, distinctly retro enough to stand out but modern enough that the flourishes don’t feel like crutches.

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