Monday, October 7th, 2019

Adam Lambert – Superpower

We think a good score at the Jukebox counts as a superpower!


Kayla Beardslee: Damn, this slaps. It’s campy, especially with the video (or is it? I think this year’s Met Gala taught us that no one really knows what camp is), but Lambert suits that vibe well. The guitars are a great production choice, as they add the grit needed to back up the vocals — especially that moment in the prechorus when Lambert practically shouts out “I’mma ride and take the money” — and that intensity is skillfully contrasted by the restrained chorus.

Katie Gill: I suppose if anyone’s gonna toss their hat into the 2010s trend of “we’ve decided to recognize that 1970s music was actually really great!,” the current Queen frontman is a solid choice for that. “Superpower” is a fun song! It’s not really memorable, not really catchy, and can’t decide whether it wants to be a George Michael ripoff, a straightforward genre homage, or a Scissor Sisters ripoff, but I enjoyed all of the 3:13 seconds I listened to this, and really, that’s all I can ask of a song.

Ian Mathers: The George Michael-homaging “freedom” middle eight, the pre-chorus belting, the actual chorus’s breathy funk, the fact that the song is practically all chorus and pre-chorus give or take a “I know I’m not the only one who thinks this shit ain’t okay”… it just all works for me. Is he doing a whole album like this? If not, could he next time?

Kylo Nocom: Never mind, I completely get queer aesthetic now.

Will Adams: Less of a statement than a 3.5-minute preamble to what might be a statement.

Joshua Lu: Adam Lambert’s music has always been synonymous with bold power pop, but “Superpower” also has a huge helping of funk that suits him well. Gritty, threatening, and uplifting, the song is a relentless display of panache from a singer with more than enough to go around.

Alfred Soto: It’s not that Adam Lambert, who’s been rehearsing to be an arena god since before Robert Plant figured out performing with an unbuttoned shirt got him attention, is unconvincing. It’s not like we aren’t in desperate need for another “Body Language.” But as we’ve known since 2009, this well-meaning dude has too many received ideas about arena godhood, including song selection.

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3 Responses to “Adam Lambert – Superpower”

  1. My blurb got eaten in the system but this keeps getting better the more I listen to it so well done Adam

  2. i miss people going full electro like this

  3. Superpower is a great song with a very chic catchy refrain a la Prince. No George Michael, no Scissor sisters or whatever pop act your shallow mind is thinking about. It’s pure unadulterated rocky funk with a modern edge. It’s what Adam Lambert does best. And his whole ep Velvet is what’s great in music. No autotune dirge, no overproduction and a great message. Get on your feet and take your superpower with you. 10/10

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