Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Ryan Hemsworth & Wednesday Campanella – Tiny Tea Room

Tuesday, we are fading…


Iain Mew: I expected the title to be one of those ones that’s there to give an image of the music only. No though, there it is in words, representation of Kom_I’s giddy metaphysical powers. The musical tea room slides from molecular to interplanetary to try to keep up and makes for some incredible intense moments. Later she says goodbye to life until she comes back to Earth, the set up for another crashing moment of euphoria, and that they instead just end there is some power move.

Michael Hong: A continuation of the collaborative spirit of Elsewhere and further demonstration of Ryan Hemsworth’s ear for global pop. Together, the pairing evokes the warm intimacy of the titular room that twinkles in a comforting glow by layering Kom_I’s sweet, soothing vocals over one of Hemsworth’s most serene soundscapes.

Alfred Soto: What I imagine Vespertine-era Bjork sounding like had she shown interest in glistening, crackling pop.

Kylo Nocom: Ryan Hemsworth’s remixes have been rather hit and miss, so my expectations were low for his solo work. The opening minute shows that he understands how to work with Kom_I’s vocals in the same way that her own project demonstrated fantastically on Galapagos, leaving silences between her breathy repetitions for the sake of well-executed hypnotism. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to do anything with the tension, and promptly shits all over it with chipmunk squeals. The song’s lost in a purgatory between indie cred and festival readiness, coming nowhere near interesting enough to vouch for the former and too wimpy to adequately satisfy the latter’s criteria. If all else fails, he could always let Majestic Casual pick this up.

Ian Mathers: I can’t be the only one who’s slightly disappointed that the whole song isn’t just like the first 70 seconds, right? The rest of the track is fine, but that opening segment felt transcendent… and then the beat and chorus proper comes in and it feels like something is lost. Maybe I should just go listen to a Julianna Barwick album.

Vikram Joseph: I forced a bot to listen to over 1000 hours of nothing but Sigur Ros and PC Music and then asked it to write an album. This is the first song.

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