Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Samthing Soweto ft. Shasha, DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De Small – Akulaleki

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Alfred Soto: Afloat on a groove of startling litheness and lightness, “Akulaleki” lets Samthing and Shasha work up a love thing in which I don’t feel the heat as bask in the cool.

Isabel Cole: I love how this builds, starting out sparse and blooming into lushness it lets itself luxuriate in; the way those descending vocal melodies flurrying down give way to opening upwards prettily; that one insistent note like a heart rate monitor adding a lonesome friction to the effect.

Alex Clifton: Puts me in a trance state as it shuffles through six minutes with ease.

Iain Mew: An expansive journey song where the beat provides a comfortable fixed point from which to watch everything else change. It’s not a fast or exciting journey, but there’s at least something in being able to drift in and out of focus on it so easily.

Katherine St Asaph: My dream late-night setlist, in a dream world where such things are perfect and soundtrack unspoiled moments, just got a new eleventh-hour entry.

Scott Mildenhall: So intimate and restless, this is a conceptual triumph. Never overselling or overstretching itself, it confidently invites being boiled  down to those two words, all that are needed to describe a kernel of sensation left to simmer by the quartet behind it. Neither Shasha or Samthing Soweto force the issue — both breathy, but languorously so — and their separation is in the lyrics as much as the structure as much as the delivery. Everything fits, and it makes music seem easy.

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