Thursday, October 31st, 2019

Joeboy – Beginning

A Mr Eazi acolyte we’ve begun to begin to blurb…


Alfred Soto: He earned some dough from #Empawa100, and the result is the excellent “Baby” and this okay track with dance hall undertones.

Stephen Eisermann: I love a laidback romance. I think the most beautiful love is the one that progresses the most slowly and naturally, a timetable that Joeboy has turned into musical form. “Beginning” still has percussion in it, but the accompanying instruments, simple lyrics, and Joeboy’s lax yet lived-in vocal give it a warm, relaxed feel.

Kylo Nocom: Being in the earliest stages of love means it’s quite easy to fall out of it; a mildly enjoyable opening minute of vocal manipulation and romantic croons can be easily swept aside by one clunker of a chorus.

Kayla Beardslee: “I’m beginning to begin to fall in love” is such a fun way to express a crush: trying to play it cool, finding yourself overcompensating, and circling back around to the same helpless infatuation you started out with. The production is restrained, but that reservedness reinforces the idea of tentative beginnings, and the beat that’s there is bouncy and fun.

Will Rivitz: At least it’s good for dancing, but it’s yet more pleasant pop music with no particular edge. I thought we were done with Robin Schulz years ago.

Julian Axelrod: A puppy love shuffle that’s almost as sweet and earnest as the name Joeboy.

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  1. Every Wednesday song averaged exactly 6.00 and I am unreasonably excited about it.

  2. It’s 6, 6, and 6… the Jukebox Devil is behind it… happy Halloweeeeeen

  3. Kayla’s blurb is taking me out why is this me with the boy I like

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