Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Galantis with Dolly Parton ft. Mr. Probz – Faith

As in, we of such little…


Abdullah Siddiqui: Jesus Christ. 

Alfred Soto: These dudes get Dolly Parton and they don’t even have the decency to get her to sing a decent hook? 

Thomas Inskeep: Sometimes, Parton’s music ecumenicalism lets her down, and this is definitely one of those times. On paper, the idea of her singing John Hiatt’s 1988 “Have a Little Faith in Me” is a great idea. But then the lowest-common-EDnoMinator duo Galantis got involved, and suffice it to say, things went awry. It pains me to say (because I love Dolly — who doesn’t?) that this is one of the messiest, worst singles I’ve heard this year.

Will Adams: We just heard Dolly Parton crystal clear a few months ago; there’s no reason for her to be processed. But this is Galantis, who are happy to warp any voice, no matter how revered, to better fit in with their gonzo house covers of forgotten ’80s hits. Their formula can work, but both vocals have audible artifacts that make the song sounds like it’s playing at 1.25x speed. Because it’s Dolly, there’s joy to be found, which makes the processed cheese go down a bit more easily.

Nicholas Donohoue: The entire history of club scenes has repeatedly shown you can bring church to the dance floor, if you can do the reverse this song isn’t proving it. Absent and vacuous, even the punches of Dolly roll off like an absurd dream logic trying to pump up a 2014 demo track. 

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: The problem with putting your faith in people, of course, is that they sometimes let you down. Spectacularly. I was initially so horrified by what they did to Dolly Parton’s voice that I could barely listen to this, but now I can only commend Galantis; it takes a special kind of talent to feed an icon through a meat grinder an get a trainwreck of this titanic, monstrous proportion. 

Edward Okulicz: I think this song is made of such delicate materials that you can’t put it together again when you break it, which is why none of the covers of it are any good (sorry Mandy, Jon, cast of Nashville, but no, none of you). Dolly Parton in her element might have had a shout at it, but a big problem with this interpretation is that I can’t tell the difference between the backing of this and one or more of those covers of “Fast Car” that were appallingly large hits a few years back. Also, Dolly Parton should not be made to sound like a Chipmunk, nor should she be made to sound like the second-best singer on this, or any, song. Would this song actually be better just with Mr. Probz? Goodness, I am sure the answer is yes. Looking at Dolly’s joyous face in the video makes me wonder — is she lip-synching to the final product? How can anyone enjoy this? 

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4 Responses to “Galantis with Dolly Parton ft. Mr. Probz – Faith”

  1. i was curious as to how bad this could be but oh god i kinda liked this

  2. same……….have a little faith guys

  3. Chipmunk Parton is too spot-on; suddenly, it’s difficult to Rich Brian’s AutoTune on “These Nights” excessive….

  4. Already regret giving this anything above a [1].