Friday, November 8th, 2019

Chris Janson – Good Vibes

“I said good vibes“…


Alfred Soto: Another shaggy-haired country brah for whom dark skies and unpleasant vibes don’t exist, not when his processed guitar and manipulated cornpone accent have something to say about it.

Thomas Inskeep: Clichés piled atop clichés in a garbage ode to sticking your head in the sand and going “LA LA LA EVERYTHING’S FINE.” And he doesn’t even sing it well.

Oliver Maier: Lord grant me the confidence needed to put something this shamelessly vacuous into the public eye. This would be a [4] maybe without the “I got a good girl” bridge, which calls to mind B.o.B.’s flow on “Price Tag” of all things.

Kylo Nocom: I suppose one could object to Janson’s gleeful escapism if they really wanted to. After all, it’s ignorance of the world’s shittiness that leads to the perpetuation of even more bullshit. But I find this really refreshing stuff, as if the chorus of “Chained to the Rhythm” was played completely straight. Chris is here to provide the good vibes, man, and if you refuse to let him then you’re just a total dick to him. He could work on his writing, though.

Michael Hong: The best country singers manage to take generic platitudes and elevate them, simultaneously making them sound as fresh as the first time you’ve ever heard them and like a blanket of comforting warmth. Janson manages to make phrases I’ve never heard before like “I’m breathing on God’s time” sound like gross cliches.

Nicholas Donohoue: A showcase of modern country music’s love of a many year delay, this is as suburban and ho-hum a twang and subject matter can be. Pleasantries, lacking distinction, outwardly normal and inwardly confused. This just isn’t how I receive joy from country anymore, and for a genre that should and can pride itself on how effective its craftsmanship and longevity is, that’s embarrassing. 

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