Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Daria Zawiałow – Punk Fu!

Checking in on the Polish scene…


Thomas Inskeep: Punk-pop translates all over the world, including in Poland. This has a great melody line and is more Stiff Records than Avril Lavigne — I caught a brief snatch of Farfisa, which is to “Punk Fu!”‘s benefit.

Natasha Genet Avery: After nearly twenty years of climbing the rungs of Polish TV song contests, Daria Zawialow is finally starting to pull away from the mandated safety of talent show music. Here, the frenzied and anxious synth rock of “Punk Fu!” perfectly mirrors Zawialow’s own disquiet when she takes off her rose-colored glasses to find a partner she barely recognizes. She grows increasingly desperate as she considers the confinement of cohabitation and joint checking accounts, building tension until all she can do is repeat, over and over, that she’ll be gone by midnight. “Punk Fu” artfully toys with the anticipation of escape — here’s to hoping she makes it out.

Alfred Soto: The opening chords recall “Precious,” and the rest of this Polish singer’s effort moves at a comfortable gallop without generating much excitement.

Kylo Nocom: Proof that “Kids in America” is the best model for any self-respecting ’80s worshipper.

Scott Mildenhall: Reinvention isn’t better than The Cure, but Daria Zawiałow does at least build on the bones of “A Forest” to develop something enlivening. “Punk Fu!” is energised by her defiance, and a catalytic reaction between that and its electronic pulse.

Ian Mathers: I’m trying to figure out whether these would seem more or less generic than it does if I understood the lyrics, and the fact that I can’t doesn’t feel like it bodes well. There are worse kinds of filler, though.

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  1. wish I blurbed this, it would have gotten at least a 7

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