Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Tory Lanez ft. T-Pain – Jerry Sprunger

Tory Painz? T-Lanez? Hold on, I’m still workshopping this…


Thomas Inskeep: Tory Lanez reworks T-Pain’s ’00s R&B classic “I’m Sprung,” with assistance from the man himself. The beat is bouncy, the layered harmonies creamy, and T-Pain shows why he’s Mr. Auto-Tune — in a good way. “Jerry Sprunger,” silly title aside, is so light and lithe and lovely that, well, I’m kinda sprung over it.

Edward Okulicz: Well, Tory Lanez sure sounds like a little boy overcome by the excitement of getting his first ever erection. Placing his almost shocked delivery alongside T-Pain’s well-practised Autotuned horndog act elevates both somehow. Because I am also a small child I laughed when T-Pain said “make it clap” over actual clapping. Should just have called it “I’m Sprunger,” though.

Julian Axelrod: Tory Lanez already sounds like a preteen boy who bought Auto-Tune with his allowance money, so T-Pain’s drunk-uncle charm and a chorus with lines like “No lil mama tryna lock me” and “I’m in the same spot that you dropped me” only accentuate the “Mom forgot to pick me up from daycare” vibes. Maybe should lean into it and drop a remix with YNW Bslime, an equally impassioned romantic born two years after “I’m Sprung.”

Oliver Maier: T-Pain and T-Lane’s vocals make for an enjoyable match on the hook but neither delivers an especially worthwhile standalone performance. Horny in an aimless sort of way, so listenable that it evaporates into vapor.

Ashley Bardhan: This song makes me feel like I’m disassociating after inhaling too much Windex. But that sample! That hook! Silky like a good pancake mix. 

Kylo Nocom: An earlier collaboration lacked sprightliness and in turn transformed its performers into mere vocal irritants, hype men for nobody in particular; it still banged, mind you, but the sloppiness wasn’t palatable for repeated listening. “Jerry Sprunger” is a great deal more graceful, benefiting the smooth rides of both vocalists through lovely production — the beat-boxing in T-Pain’s verse earns this song a whole point. It’s not the best flip of an “I’m Sprung” sample (that reward goes to this ridiculous Jersey club remix), but it’s still a quaint piece of the kind of 2000s nostalgia I actually care about, and hopefully a sign of more like this to come.

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  1. realising that “evaporates into vapor” is tautological & i have brain cells in the single digits