Monday, December 9th, 2019

Princesa Alba – Convéncete

We’re convinced…


Nortey Dowuona: Twinkles open the track. A washed out synth pops over licked bass and open water drums as Alba softly, then firmly pushes the loop up the hill, slowly adding grass, a pond and even a source of gravity, lifting away into the cosmos.

Julian Axelrod: A pure pop winterland fantasia, where the only thing colder than the twinkling wind chimes and snowbound synths is her callous lover. Princesa Alba, previously unknown to me but beloved in Chile, sells every word as puppy love gospel; I love the way she volleys her runs off the unrelenting hi-hats. It’s delusional, as is all perfect pop. The real stroke of genius is the delusion she shares with the object of her affection.

Michael Hong: The fantasy of summer romance, shimmering as the light hits it at the exact right angle. Princesa Alba’s voice has a lithe bounce that projects boundless youth, which rolls over into the production with the ecstatic joy of young love. While the background has plenty of moving parts, “Convéncete” has just enough control over every element that it sparkles — the typical reggaeton drums never consume the focus of the track but add to the backdrop building an insular fantasy atmosphere that manages to feel limitless.

Kayla Beardslee: This is an undeniably pretty song: listen to that extra bubbly final chorus and that magic wand sound effect! Yet despite its smooth, comforting melody and production, the lyrics — about, I think, feeling bad for not wanting to commit to a relationship — give “Convéncete” a wistful tone and add some nuance to its sparkle.

Iain Mew: There’s very little new or startling about “Convéncete,” but its relaxed twinkle is perfect to ease into anyway, with an absorbing level of little details, like the double percussion hits, to reward listening closely.

Thomas Inskeep: Pretty, simple-sounding reggaeton-pop that doesn’t move my needle in either direction. I wouldn’t turn it off, but I wouldn’t seek it out, either.

Kylo Nocom: Both a comfort I find light enough to enjoy on repeat without issue and a trip delirious enough to risk getting lost if I turn my mind off.

Ryo Miyauchi: The underlying emotions of “Convéncete” feel rather subdued, despite how much Princess Alba pines for attention. She opts instead for a muted cool that reflects the glassy reggaeton-lullaby, but it communicates a fragility all the same. Her voice here reminds me a bit of Cassie: too thin and shallow to carry dramatics but hinting at a unique melancholy that’s slightly mysterious.

Alfred Soto: Electric piano and modern beats, together with a convincing projection of warmth and longing by the Chilean singer, merge into one of 2019’s best love songs.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: “Convéncete” is a reggaeton song that doesn’t aim to soundtrack club nights or house parties, but the imagined worlds we daydream. Lambent synths flicker and pulse, wrapping themselves around an insistent beat to mirror an impassioned but anxious heart set aflame. The production grants the song an atmosphere that’s almost too sweet, too fantasy-like; listening to Princesa Alba’s pining, you can sense an underlying melancholy, that this potential romance is too good to be true. She and her would-be lover share a mutual loneliness, but is a potential fling just a far-off desire befitting childhood movies? The chimes swirl in a mocking fashion: it’s all just a dream, isn’t it.

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  1. Could have sworn I gave this an 8 when I blurbed it a few days ago, but I think the song’s also burrowed a little deeper into my brain since then. Repeat listens definitely helped me get used to its sweetness.

    Also just checked out Princesa Alba’s “Hacerte Mal” out of curiosity, and the magic wand sound is there too (

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