Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Anitta, Lexa & Luisa Sonza feat. MC Rebecca – Combatchy

Happy Thursday — it’s dance-off time!


Joshua Minsoo Kim: Favela funk rarely gets better: electrifying in its prismatic honk-and-splat beats, “Combatchy” finds every vocalist making their voice a percussive weapon to sharpen concomitant dancefloor assaults. You’d sense a pugilistic energy even without the boxing bell.

Kayla Beardslee: Four people are not necessary for this sub-three minute ode to butts with a synth riff that sounds like evil “Mamma Mia.”

Brad Shoup: Four artists in well under three minutes is a damn miracle. Even more so given that only the wordless dental-consonant hook shows any panic. I wish the rest was as kinetic, but it’s still haughty funk carioca, so I want to run through a wall.

Ryo Miyauchi: The chorus demands it being played in a live setting and nowhere else. The rappers feel secondary to the song, just another detail to hype up the grand beat. But the narrative of a multi-round battle is a nice twist to what could have been just the choreography-instruction structure of countless other dance songs.

Will Adams: The four players on “Combatchy” wisely trade off lines in the verses; instead of the disparate sections one typically finds on a posse cut, we get the playful chemistry of a girl group along with some razor-sharp favela funk. A side effect is that the verses are far more engaging than the hook, which wears thin even in a song this short.

Edward Okulicz: Some fantastic use of voice, and vicious funk, but the “turudum” hook wears a little thin, taking up so much of a relatively short song, though I love the “chka-chka-doom” backing vocals there. But it’s the verses that cut deepest and dig into my brain; MC Rebecca booming “bo-ta pra de-scer” with those R sounds like she’s spitting actual fire. I wanted more of that.

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