Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Tyga – Ayy Macarena

more like ayy lmaocarena


Joshua Minsoo Kim: Tyga sounds like an absolute doofus, and this song has a patently dumb gimmick.

Alfred Soto: I buckled when I heard the opening bars, but more fool me: The violin sample plays a compelling variation on “Macarena,” with the aroma of Mediterranean brine. If it were louder it’d have quashed Tyga’s dumb shit about toes and penis selfies. 

Brad Shoup: This is an amazingly wack concept that would’ve hit if he’d opted for a tossed-off, two-bar interpolation. He just did a Santana feature (which actually worked!), and suddenly he’s making J Balvin do moldy Eurodance cosplay to get a bad idea over the two-minute mark.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: I’m a bit confused. Logistically, are you supposed to do the macarena, grind, or do both at the same time? 

Alex Clifton: How do you take the Macarena and make it less dancey? The joy of the original is the bounce and lightness of the rhythm, which Tyga completely erases. It’s so boring, and it takes skill to turn the Macarena into something boring, although I’m not sure if it’s a good kind of skill.

Ian Mathers: A good example of why just straight-up lifting the good bit from another song for your own can feel vaguely contemptible; you can sell just about any old shit as long as you hit that hook hard enough. It’s over mercifully fast, and then we’re just left alone with our thoughts.

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