Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Benee – Glitter

All that glitters is not… sidebar material.


Vikram Joseph: This isn’t far at all from the Clairo album I enjoyed so much last year, but there’s not nearly enough of the yearning, the melancholy, the wistfulness that’s necessary to give weight to this kind of jaunty, tuneful indie-pop. And the chorus almost paraphrases that of “Party Police,” but whereas “You don’t have to leave, you could just stay here with me” sounded like the most intimate, chokingly hopeful proposition, Benee’s iteration sounds like there’s very little riding on it — pretty, charming, but disposable.

Isabel Cole: Cute like Valentine’s candy: unmemorable, but harmless, and sweet enough to make you smile. Bops along with a charming groove, and I love the phrase “night mysteries, night mysteries,” all the more for being delivered with a sing-song cadence.

Brad Shoup: Reverb-sloshed soul-pop about getting high enough to flirt. She makes balloon animals out of vowels; the horns descend like the riff in “No Life Singed Her.”

Ian Mathers: Servicable enough, but un-sparkly enough that after a while that title seems almost like a taunt.

Kylo Nocom: Contrary to what Los Campesinos! have to say, even the most heightened heartbeats can sound like breakbeats. Benee offers a fine faux-soul ditty, comparable to early Alessia Cara or aughties Mark Ronson, with the only victims being some vowels.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: I like the way her voice contorts like taffy, but the instrumentation doesn’t cohere in a way that sells these lyrics. Every element — from the wet guitar strums to the shuffling drum beat to the faded horns — sound like disparate parts all trying to grab your attention. “Glitter” just feels like a series of bland distractions.

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  1. definitely underrated this, really love this song now

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