Monday, February 3rd, 2020

The 1975 – Me & You Together Song

A brief inquiry into unrequited relationships…


Joshua Minsoo Kim: The 1975 pull off a trick that jangling dream pop bands know all too well: create a song that’s just melodic enough and you’ll have something that hooks listeners in but feels fleeting when done. Really, it’s the best way to capture the swelling highs of adolescence–of the insouciance and impermanence, of flirting and fucks and failures. It’s not about the song, it’s about the way it lingers in your brain.

Brad Shoup: Jangle-pop made extra baggy to hide the horniness. This is “Our House” for zoomers and it’s gorgeous — one huge chiming throughline straight back to 1990.

Jonathan Bradley: Matty and co. fall back — no, not to the sharp pop immediacy of “It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You” or the carefree concision of their debut — but decades ago, to dream-pop haze and the psychedelic sunniness of the Second Summer of Love. “Me & You Together Song” is very recognizably 1975, but puts the band in a time and place unfamiliar to it, refracting characteristic moves — Healy’s outre self-obsession, the jangly riffing — through sticky infatuation and a supple bassline that ends up moving more boldly than anything around. If Healy’s content to just float, it’s because he’s too lovestruck for much else: fantasizing about domesticity and eternity, and updating a title from forgotten 1990s power pop. The kind of song that dots hearts over its Is.

Joshua Copperman: Sincerity must be scary when you’re not very good at it.

Edward Okulicz: Musically as bright and carefree and confident as anything off the debut, in that it sounds more like “Chocolate” than anything off the last album, which is good. Burying Matt Healy in the mix has the same hallmarks of paranoia and lacking confidence as on the last album, which is… neutral at worst, interesting at best. Will make a great pick-me-up for two thirds of the way through their live set, anyway.

Alfred Soto: A poster on the ILM message board called “Me & You Together Song” a hybrid of Ride’s “Vapor Trail” and Third Eye Blind. It jangles, it chimes, it soars — rather anonymously though. I’ve had my problems with The 1975, but burying Matt Healy strikes me as misguided. This may explain why the track doesn’t stick. 

Kylo Nocom: Man, the first time in a while these guys come up with something mostly nice (let’s ignore the weird queer line) they make sure I can’t hear shit!

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  1. omg I didn’t realize my blurb was published

    I was going to go back and finish it but I totally forgot – I don’t think it’s bad and I don’t think they’re bad at sincerity (we stan “I Couldn’t Be More In Love”) but this song really bores me, even though dream-pop 1975 should be a slam dunk.

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