Friday, February 7th, 2020

Lil Nas X feat. Nas – Rodeo (Remix)

And Lil by… ordinary size?


Brad Shoup: In a pop punk era, Lil Nas is modern rock: flat intonation, stately guitars, gloomy vibe. He continues his plug-and-play ways, swapping out Cardi B’s unthematic verse for one from a reasonably game Nas. X’s stay the same, which is fine. I can’t imagine him delivering a funnier line than “we might go and have some sex”.

Alfred Soto: Like Billy Ray Cyrus’, Nas’ appearance signifies more than the contributions: a good sport, he understood the importance of genre-busting even in an era in which genre-busting serves the cross-streaming Spotify ethos. Certainly the star power carries “Rodeo” on its shoulders. 

Thomas Inskeep: “Rodeo” is a slightly dull, Western-themed record with “boomin’ system”-level bass (yay) and some pretty dull verses from LNX (sad emoji). Cardi B’s guest spot on the original, meanwhile, is better than “Big” Nas’s on this new version.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Better than Lil Baby feat. DaBaby, and not as transcendant as Charli feat. Charli, but pretty close. Lil Nas X feat. Nas is a surprisingly potent pairing: Nas X’s chill and circular flow contrasting with big Nas’s crisp and brisk one to make for a generational bop. 

Katie Gill: Lil Nas X hasn’t yet proved to the music world that he is more than a one hit wonder — which is a bummer, as “Panini” has grown on me over time. But this song won’t be the smash hit follow-up. It feels like a computer spat out a list of things that made “Old Town Road” popular (the country/trap hybrid, silly yet fun lyrics, an easy to sing along chorus, guest verses from previously established talent) and then shoved them all together in formulaic fashion to create “Rodeo.”

Will Adams: Maybe it’s recently released anecdotes about Nas that are souring this for me, but I struggle to find what’s necessary about this. Or maybe it’s the decision to replace Cardi B with a “Lil Nas + Big Nas! OMG!” gag whose excitement lasts about five seconds.

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