Monday, February 10th, 2020

Zico – Any Song

Any dance challenge…


Alex Clifton: “Any Song” is fun and bouncy but the chorus lacks the punch I’m looking for. Zico asks for “anything exciting” and there are some exciting flourishes here — I particularly like the Mario-style instrumentation that hits around the 1:30 mark — but it doesn’t hit as hard as I’d like it to. Either way, though, Zico sounds like he’s having fun, so I hope he is having a good time with his friends.

Michael Hong: The success in “Any Song” lies in the fact that it really could have been any song — all that was needed was a splice-able section to create some dance-worthy viral video and a couple of your most famous friends. The thrill of Zico’s half-rapped half-sung vocals eventually wears thin on the track’s dreadfully indulgent runtime. 

Alfred Soto: The Korean scion turns to melodic rapping for his wannabe crossover. A second play reveals a fervid production: multi-tracked harmonies, distorted keyboards, even hints of salsa. Years of meaningful syntheses will teach this. 

Julian Axelrod: I love the intro’s jazz piano feint, and I love how it shifts and mutates throughout the song. Zico always finds his footing, even though he’s never standing on solid ground. That’s confidence.

Thomas Inskeep: I mean, I didn’t expect a new single from Korean rapper Zico to feature a near-reggaeton shuffle-beat — let alone a samba-esque coda. But lemme tell you, both work — it all works, because Zico ties it all together with such ease. The fact that he’s such a conversational rapper doesn’t hurt. Same with the piano anchoring the track.

Brad Shoup: Lively without being truly enlivened, “Any Song” is an ode to guys bein’ dudes, putting on sweats, pairing smartphones, and chasing each other up and down the keyboard. Zico moves from room to room with the laid-back assurance of a seasoned host.

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